Conservative women proved to be the thought leaders shaping conservative policy of the future this week. Whether it be forging their path in Congress, releasing ground breaking policy analysis, or simply standing up for conservative values – conservative women shined across government.

Kay Coles James named Conservative Woman of the Month by the Network of Enlightened Women

The Network of Enlightened Women (NEW) named Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James as Conservative Woman of the Month for February 2021. James previously served as Director of the White House Office of Personnel Management under President George W. Bush. As OPM Director following the September 11th terror attacks, James designed and oversaw the process by which nearly 170,000 employees from 22 different agencies merged into the newly created Department of Homeland Security.

Former GOP State Chair Jane Timken Launches Bid to Take Retiring Senator Rob Portman’s Seat

Jane Timken served as state chair for the GOP in 2017 and is now launching her first political run in the state. As Senator Rob Portman retires, Timken announced this week that she will be running to keep the seat in Republican hands.

“I unified the party and delivered results for Republicans and delivered Ohio’s second victory for President Trump,” Timken told POLITICO. “But really what spurred me on is what I’m seeing by the Democrats in the Biden administration… I’m very passionate about Ohio workers and families. We need to get our economy going again, we need our businesses open again, we need our children back in school.

If elected, Timken would be the first woman to represent Ohio in the Senate.

Olivia Enos and Tori Smith Release Heritage Report Tackling Forced Labor in China

While some choose to ignore the human rights violations occurring in China, two heritage Foundation researchers are putting the issuing into the spotlight. A recent report by Olivia Enos and Tori Smith higlightlights how Chinese goods made in prison camps and prison camp adjacent factories continue to make their way into global markets – fueling these abuses and China’s economic power.

Enos and Smith explain how the US and international allies can work together to combat the use of forced labor and provide a safe haven for Uyghurs facing persecution in China.

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