The first 100 days of the Biden administration passed this week, but it’s been just as active a 100 days on the Republican side of the aisle, too. After a busy news week, let’s recap and take a look at 3 big moments from leading GOP women. 

Shelley Moore Capito unveils GOP infrastructure bill

Senator Capito has been in the political spotlight this week as the “face” of the new GOP infrastructure bill, a counteroffer to the Democratic proposal. Capito hasn’t been as high-profile a senator as some of her colleagues, but it hasn’t made her any less effective. She is known among her Republican and Democratic colleagues for being “less talk and more action.” While there is a long pathway to success in this latest Republican effort, her hard work and bipartisan attitude has been praised across the aisle, and the GOP infrastructure bill seems to carry more weight with her name at the top.

Joni Ernst offers “prebuttal” in advance of Biden’s address to Congress

Senator Ernst joined several Republicans in offering a “prebuttal” to President Biden’s joint address to Congress. Ernst’s remarks on the Senate floor highlighted the failures of the Biden administration during his first 100 days in office, centered on his rejection of the overarching promise in his inaugural address of “unity not division.” She cited Biden’s record number of executive orders on day one in office, the crisis at the border, and the smoke and mirrors of the Biden infrastructure bill. 

In addition, Ernst praised the leadership and example of her colleague, Senator Tim Scott, who delivered the rebuttal after Biden’s address.

Three GOP legislators tell their stories this Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, and Senator Joni Ernst released a joint video about their stories as survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They offered words of wisdom, hope, and directed survivors toward resources and support that is available to them. These women have been vocal about their personal experiences throughout their public service, and they continue to shine a light on the issue and seek to effect change as lawmakers.

Bonus: Marianette Miller-Meeks celebrates election victory with new mask

Congresswoman Marianette Miller-Meeks was spotted donning a mask with the number 6 emblazoned on the front, an apparent celebration of her narrow victory in Iowa’s 2nd congressional district, as she won by a mere 6 votes. We’re celebrating with the Congresswoman on this victory!

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