I’m still trying to decide if Joe Biden purposefully handed Vice President and Laugher-In-Chief Kamala Harris the border crisis because he knows full well what a pile of garbage it is or if he genuinely thinks she’s going to do anything about it. While children are being literally tossed over the wall, drowning and being found wandering in the desert, Harris has indeed been busy. She visited California to pal around with Governor Newsom, went to a bakery in Chicago and she finally moved into the Vice President’s residence after complaining about having to live at Blair House. When it comes to visiting the border, having a press conference to answer our questions or really doing anything helpful at all, we can see…nothing.

Harris was a curious choice by 46 to handle the border mess that he created. Back in 2019 she claimed she would “…release children from cages” and yet here we all are, seeing piles of children in sleeping on the floor in US detainment centers. Perhaps she hasn’t had time to look at the photos and videos of the hundreds of children crammed into facilities and holding centers as people are pouring over the southern border. Surprisingly Harris couldn’t even be bothered to attend the White House briefing on the border crisis a couple weeks ago. Probably because she was in a hurry to get back to California, her third visit to the state since becoming VP, for Easter weekend.

More problems are popping up due to the border crisis. A convicted sex offender was caught crossing the border illegally last week. The holding facilities are overcrowded, thousands of people are crammed into spaces meant for 250. Hundreds of children are testing positive for COVID and the facilities that they are being put into are also at capacity limit. More illegal immigrants are being bussed off to cities across Texas and the rest of the US and dropped off, are now also testing positive for COVID. Factor in the uptick in human trafficking and the astonishing news that Biden will be spending over $80 million dollars of tax payer money on hotel rooms to house incoming migrants. Still nothing from Kamala Harris.

 You may ask, “Well what can Kamala Harris do about all of this?”

Glad you asked because here’s a couple of ideas.

She needs to hold a press conference ASAP and take as many questions as she can from the press. We the People need to hear directly from her how she intends on handling a crisis that is spiraling out of control right before our very eyes. Now would also be a good time for Harris to make her own visit to the border, visit the facilities and speak with border patrol, workers and the migrants that are being housed there. There are close to 4,000 children waiting on placement, who can tell her what brought them here and more importantly, who brought them here. By far the best thing Vice President Harris can do is start backing sensible immigration reform and legislation. So Kamala, if you’re reading this, please know that I too love chocolate cake but I would much rather you visit the border instead of a bakery.

Hannah Brokaw lives in the Bluegrass State but votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter where she has a lot of thoughts.

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