If there is one thing that the left is constantly putting emphasis on it’s how we must be looking towards the future. They say again and again that young people are the future and that they will be the ones to bring about change. They are not wrong. Our current lawmakers, non-profit leaders, and Party leaders will not always be in these offices. One day, others will have to take their place. The hope should always be though that those new generations will be leading with a love of this country and a passion to fight for the values it was founded on. But, how can we be sure that that is the future we are heading towards if we are not concentrating on those future leaders now? They deserve our emphasis and concentration. 

The entire point of conservatism is to preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy now forever. We shouldn’t be forgetting who we are conserving this country for though. Our future. We as a party aren’t looking to ruin the country for generations to come through socialist policies just for a raise in the minimum wage for the present. We are constantly thinking of our country’s future, yet we aren’t concentrating on and putting an emphasis on helping the very people who will be in charge of the country in the future be involved in the work that we are doing at all levels. 

There are few organizations that work to make young people feel involved in the Republican Party and conservatism. Conferences, internship opportunities, and social media engagement are great efforts to reach out to these younger generations, but these efforts have not seen the concentration and emphasis that they should across the board. Opening the movement, campaigning, and activism work to those beyond the college scope is something that there should be more efforts to do. What are we conserving the country for if not for these very students and young patriots? We aren’t just preserving these values that are important to us for ourselves, we are preserving them so every generation after us will get to enjoy the very freedoms we are fighting for. If we are so willing to fight for these future generations then we should be willing to work to include them in that process.

Furthermore, as conservatives we shouldn’t be happy with the for now.

We shouldn’t be thinking about the votes we have for now, the leads we have in public opinion for now, the stellar candidates that we have lined up for now.

None of those things will matter if we don’t have a future lined up for it all to continue on afterwards. The desperation to keep Texas from turning blue shouldn’t be concentrated on just the next election, it should be concentrating on stopping it for generations to come. When we say America will never be a socialist nation, if we want the never in it to be true we need to be investing in our future generations. 

There is no negative to making sure that our younger generations have a seat at the table in the conservative movement. It should be no hardship or chore to be offering them ample amounts of opportunities and chances to be a part of the fight to preserve the country that they will one day be leading. Prioritizing them doesn’t just protect the movement from one day dying out, it ensures that young people realize how important they are early on to the preservation of the ideals and freedoms that make this country great. We won’t have to make America great again if we concentrate on the future generations that will keep the progress and work we make continuing on long after we are gone. 

Stormi R