Image Credits: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

It’s 2019 and we still haven’t had a female president. There’s a lot of chatter that six women are running for the Democratic nomination. If they come up short in 2020, there is quite the bench of Republican woman who could become the first female president of the United States. Each of these women have achieved things that were once considered to be out of reach and we hope that one of them will make a run for president. All of the women are largely qualified to run and would be the perfect people to make history as the first female president! 

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley has served at both the state and national levels as a former member of the South Carolina legislature, the Governor of South Carolina, and most recently, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. For the past two presidential election cycles, her name has been floated as possible Vice President. With high approval ratings, Haley is likely one of the more popular presidential prospects. 

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice was the first African-American woman to serve as Secretary of State. In addition, she was the first woman to serve as National Security Advisor. Rice also has been extremely successful outside of the political world and currently holds a position at Stanford’s School of Business. Although she seems like she might be out of the political scene for good, a possible run for president wouldn’t be completely out of left field. 

Joni Ernst

While Ernst has not been in politics for the extended amount of time that some of her counterparts have, she has undoubtedly made her mark. Ernst is the first female combat veteran to serve in the US Senate in addition to being the first female member of Congress from Iowa. Ernst was also considered as a possible running mate for Donald Trump in 2016. 

Liz Cheney

As the daughter of a former Vice President, Cheney has definitely lived a life in politics. Now serving as a Representative from Wyoming, Cheney holds the third highest position in Republican leadership in the House. Cheney was also involved in multiple presidential campaigns in 2008 serving as a national co-chair and foreign policy advisor. 

Marsha Blackburn

While Blackburn is a junior Senator, she has held political office at the state or national level since 1999. In 2018, Blackburn made history as she was elected as the first female Senator from Tennessee. She was also largely involved in President Trump’s campaign, serving as vice chair on the presidential transition team. 

Betsy DeVos

DeVos has been heavily involved in state level politics and served as the chair of Michigan’s Republican Party for multiple years. When being considered for Secretary of Education, DeVos received serious backlash from Democrats, but handled the situation with poise. She was appointed as US Secretary of Education under President Trump with a vote of 51-50 having Vice President Pence break the tie. 

Sarah Palin

Palin has already made history as the first Republican female Vice Presidential candidate. Palin also served as the Governor of Alaska from 2006 until 2009. Although it seems like Palin has kept a low profile the last few years, she might decide to jump back in to the national conversation. 

Martha McSally

After 22 years of service, McSally retired from the US Air Force as a colonel. During her time in the Air Force, McSally was the first woman to fly in combat. She has served in both the US House and, currently, the US Senate. McSally is viewed as a political moderate which sets her up as an exceptional candidate for president. 

Sarah Sanders

Sarah is the daughter of Mike and Janet Huckabee. She has been largely involved in politics for a majority of her life. Sanders served as White House Press Secretary, making her the third woman to hold the position. In 2010, Sanders was also recognized in Time’s 40 under 40 in politics. She has been floated as a possible candidate for governor of Arkansas which would give her executive experience. Sanders has also served as campaign manager which would give her experience to make a run for president. 

Ronna McDaniel

McDaniel served as the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and has served as the Chair of the Republican National Committee since 2016. McDaniel has experience in both campaigning and fundraising in her position as Chair of the RNC. Her position has also allowed her to make connections within the Republican Party and likely helps her possible bid for president.