Whether you are packing for an overnight meeting or a week-long conference across the country, here are the 15 must haves you need to make your business trip travels comfortable and productive! 

Functional, yet fashionable, travel clothes 

Regardless of whether you are traveling on a plane, train, car or bus, comfortable but fashionable clothes are a must. Feeling good in functional clothes while still looking professional is the perfect way to avoid feeling frumpy on long travel days. Plus, you never know when you may have a delayed flight and arrive just in time to make that evening briefing—don’t want to show up in sweats! 

Easy to spot suitcase 

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting at the baggage terminal looking for your black suitcase among a hundred identical bags. While your bag may be trendy and simple, try purchasing one that will be easy to spot and hard to lose! If a brightly colored bag isn’t your style, try to add a unique tag or stickers to it to help identify it easier.

Dry shampoo and hand sanitizer 

Between stuffy plane rides and humid bus drives, freshening up will make you feel ten times better. Add a travel sized dry shampoo to your purse as well as a hand sanitizer for a quick refresh. This will help you both look and feel ready to take on whatever work lies ahead.

Pair of quality headphones 

Turn up your favorite “girl boss” music playlist, settle into your seat, and enjoy your travels! Having a comfortable pair of headphones will help make the time pass on long trips and maybe even cancel out the sound of your seat mate loudly crunching on his snacks! 

A favorite book or magazine 

Not in the mood for music? Try a book or magazine! There is something so relaxing about snuggling up with a new book or a crisp magazine. Maybe you’re an audio-book kind of gal and can incorporate those headphones! 

Clothing steamer 

Wrinkled clothes is a wardrobe malfunction no girl wants to have, especially not when trying to impress your boss or client. Pack a portable clothing steamer for an easy refresh before the big event. You only need to plug it in and add water—easy! 

Extra clothes hangers 

In order to keep your newly steamed clothes ready to go, pack a few extra hangers. Most hotels or Airbnb’s don’t provide many, so having a couple on hand will help immensely. Plus, you won’t need to search through your luggage every morning looking for that perfect piece! 

Moisturizing under eye patches

Everyone looks a little tired after travel, and air travel can dry out your skin. Pack a couple moisturizing eye patches to pop on and relax in your hotel room. If you can, store them in the fridge before using to add a bit of cold therapy to de-puff. Look your best and do your best! 

Reusable water bottle 

Save the planet and avoid purchasing overpriced bottles of water while you travel. Bring your favorite reusable water bottle (maybe decked out in a few FFL stickers) to stay hydrated on the go! 

Business cards

The icing on the cake after an evening of networking is to have a solid business card to share. Keep them in your purse or blazer ready to seal the deal with any networking interaction. 

Nice blazer and dress

This may go without saying but business clothes for a business trip is crucial. You don’t need to break the bank, just go for something professional. A dress or skirt, blazer and simple makeup will do the trick! 

Flats or heels 

Does your business trip require a lot of walking or standing? Or will there be opportunities to sit down? Make sure to find out before picking either flats or heels to avoid being uncomfortable. Also try and break them in before you wear them for the first time, that will save you from blisters!  

Sleeping eye mask 

Whether you’re sharing a hotel room with a coworker or trying to take a nap on the train, pack a comfortable sleep mask. Sometimes it is just impossible to fall asleep when there are lights on or your roommate has the news on all night, so this will help you catch z’s before the day ahead. 

Professional purse

Sure you may use a backpack during your normal commute or even a smaller purse for evenings out, but a work event calls for a nice and sleek bag ready to hold your notes and everything you may need. If you’re not a purse girl no worries, just bring the essentials! 

Portable chargers 

An afternoon filled with meetings, phone calls, and GPS navigation to the trendy local coffee shop, can eat up your phone battery. Keep a portable charger (and cords) with you just in case you need to regroup before the evening. 

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Bailey S