It is important to ask questions for the interviewer for any job interview because you have the opportunity to show your interest in the job and seek clarity on what the job entails. Your questions may help you stand out from other applicants.

As you prepare to ask questions for a political position, keep in mind that political jobs focus on public service. If you are interviewing with a staff member for a candidate or an elected official, prepare the following question:

“Would you ever run for public office?”

Ask this question regardless if the interview is for a role in an upcoming political campaign or if you are interviewing for a role as a staff member in an elected officials’ office. Most likely, the interviewer is a campaign manager, state field director, district director, or a chief of staff for an elected official.

This question is insightful because you never know if the interviewer for a political job might run for public office someday. Some people do enjoy talking about themselves so they may share their political career experiences and ambitions during the interview. That being said, if the interviewer decides to hire you to work for them, he or she may ask you in the future to be on their campaign staff or official staff.

Definitely keep this question on your radar. It shows that you are engaging, which is an important interpersonal skill to have in politics because you will interact with constituents, political staff, candidates, and elected officials.

Cameron Custer has worked in politics for four years. She served as communications director for Abilene Christian College Republicans. She interned at Dallas County Republican Party providing election assistance, event management, and public relations. As a Field Organizer for the Republican Party of Texas, she focused on voter contact via phone, text, and directly at their door, leading to those voters turning out for the 2020 Election.

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