Back in March, when many office shuts down and people started working from home there was an influx of ideas about how to make a makeshift office, how to use your ironing board as a desk, et cetera, but it quickly became clear that working from home was not a passing fad. Countless offices are continuing to do remote work this fall, and it’s not enough to use an old textbook and an ironing board anymore. 

Working from home requires different things than working from an office, and I hope that these seventeen items will help you stay organized and sane while working at home, whether it’s the new normal or a temporary thing. 

A to-do list & organizer that won’t overwhelm you

I love these because it limits the things you can put on each day and makes you prioritize–which is so important when your home and your office are the same thing and you have to find a way to build a mental divide. Also note…no weekends slots, because don’t work on the weekends if you don’t have to!

A chic office desk mat

Perfect for keeping everything in place and making your desk feel like a “DESK” to work at, not just a place to pile your crap. 

File folders

Working from come can get out of control fast, especially when it comes to paperwork. Having easy, simple, label-able file folders can help keep things manageable and they’re easy to transport back to the office…whenever that happens. 

A wireless mouse

If you don’t already have a wireless mouse, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’ll change your life (and your wrist) 

A cookbook/book holder

This book holder/propper-upper thing is a lifesaver, in and out of the kitchen. If you work from text a lot, you’ll find this super helpful, and it’s also a great way to display a favorite magazine or book on your desk while you work. I also prop my phone against it sometimes!

Pencil organizers

Nothing’s worse than not having a writing utensil nearby when you need to write something down, or having to write it down in highlighter instead of pen, so I love these cups that are decorative and cute but also useful. 

Monitor stand

Depending on your desk, you may be breaking your back to bend over your computer. Elevating it on a simple stand is perfect for long days that won’t leave you tossing and turning all night. 

A dry-erase calendar

Days can really blur together when nothing changes, and staring at a G-Cal can get exhausting, so I like to keep a dry-erase calendar nearby to help me mark the passing of time, plan for big projects or deadlines, and just remember what day of the week it is. No snowmen required…yet. 

Lots of notepads

I find hand-writing notes during a meeting to be helpful in paying attention (especially virtually) and keeping the creative juices flowing, so I love to keep legal pads nearby! They’re cheap, they come in all sizes, and they make me feel like a boss. 

Good, wireless headphones

Headphones are so common these days it’s almost comical to put them on a list, but I find that wireless headphones make working from home a thousand times easier. I can listen to a Zoom call while cooking dinner without bothering my roommate or dial in to a call on a walk to just listen to a podcast while I work without worrying about jerking my laptop off the table when I walk away too fast. 

A large water bottle

Staying hydrated is SO important, even when working from home, so I love to keep a BIG bottle of water nearby. I can pop it in the freezer real quick or chug it during a meeting without worrying about constant refills. Plus, it’s good for the environment!

A small, desk-side recycling bin

Don’t interrupt your work flow by getting up to go to the kitchen, and don’t be that writer with a pile of crumpled paper beside them. Having a small, desk-side recycling bin can make working through a tough problem or project a million times easier–especially when it comes to cleanup. 

A laptop stand with siration

If you’ve ever worked from a laptop for a long period of time, you know that it can get HOT fast, and that’s not good. This laptop stand can help make working for long periods of time easier and keep your laptop safe. 

An “office plant”

Being at home all the time can be stressful. Get yourself a little green. I love this succulent subscription box that comes monthly, but a fake one can also get you that serotonin you need. 

An extra phone charger

Don’t worry about where that cord or another is, just go ahead and buy an extra and keep it at your work desk. This is especially ideal if you are working in a separate room from your bedroom.

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Aryssa D
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