If you are anything like me, you love a good classic movie. Yes, newer movies have all of the amazing cinematic and theatrical techniques, but there is something about a good classic that just hits a little different. Here is a list of four classic movies every woman needs to watch.

Gone With the Wind

Arguably one of the best movies of all time, and many people agree since it was the highest grossing movie at the box office up until that time and, when adjusted for inflation, it still is the highest grossing film to day. The film focuses on protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara, who lives on her family’s Southern plantation during the outbreak of the Civil War. Scarlett will do anything it takes to maintain her social status, prestige, and money during war-torn America, all while trying to gain the attention of the man she believes she is destined to be with. The movie gives you everything from action, to romance, to heartbreak, and war and it will keep you guessing the entire time.


Set in Morocco during WWII, Casablanca follows Rick Blaine, an owner of the most popular night club in the city. The club is known as a place where European citizens can get papers underground to flee from war-torn Europe and escape to America. One night, Rick sees his former love, Isla, who left him broken hearted for her ex-husband, enter the night club with her current husband, Victor Lazslo. Victor is a resistance fighter and considered an enemy of the Germans and he has escaped the Nazi’s more than once and they are looking to purchase papers in order to leave. Rick is then stuck between deciding to help the love of his life and her new husband or if he should leave them, out of bitterness, to fend for themselves. The film follows Rick’s life throughout the struggles of war, love, loss, and heartbreak and will keep you on the edge of your seat as he is forced to decide one of the hardest choices he will ever have to make.  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s follows partier and Manhattan socialite, Holly Golightly, as she finds herself romantically interested by her new neighbor, Paul Varjak, who happens to be married to an older woman. Golightly and Varjack form a friendship and Varjak watches Golightly bounce between the fun-loving party girl to the introverted, kind-hearted soul behind closed doors. However, things get rocky when it is discovered that both of them have secrets that they try to keep hidden. Will these two lovers be able to put their past behind them and be together? 

West Side Story

If you love a good musical, you’ll love West Side Story. Set in 1950’s New York, this musical follows the gang rivalry between the Sharks, who are from Puerto Rico, and the Jets, a white gang from the city. Things take a turn though when the sister of Tony, who is a former Jet, falls in love with Bernardo, who is the leader of the Sharks. Tensions continue rise as the gang war turns deadly and escalates the rivalry even more, making it even more dangerous for them to be together. This modern-day Romeo and Juliet drama will have your eyes glued to the TV as you wonder if there will ever be a happy ending for the star crossed lovers.

Elise is a Political Science student at Arizona State with dreams to go to law school and be the next Elle Woods. You can find her watching Fox News, online shopping, or drinking an absurd amount coffee while talking about conservative values and Ronald Reagan.