Everyone always makes fitness resolutions. Unfortunately, sometimes they are so vague that there is no way they last past January. “Exercise more” isn’t a resolution. A resolution should be specific–to who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you can do. Instead, say I’m going to go to the gym in my building two days a week before work. Say, I’m going to run a marathon for Christmas. Okay, that’s a little extreme for me, but you understand what I’m saying. 

Here are five specific and measurable new year’s resolutions that are fitness based so you can still work on being healthy without having to worry about failing after one month.

Run a 5K or 10K for charity

Even if you aren’t a runner, there’s something really cool about being able to say you’ve run a 5K. If you are a runner, maybe you’ll shoot for a 10K or longer. Go ahead and look at the ones coming up in your area and register ahead of time. You’re more likely to follow through with a commitment when you put your money into it. 

Try a new type of exercise class

People get very into one type of fitness and never try something new, but where’s the fun in that? In 2019, I discovered yoga and fell in love. I also tried a 305 dance cardio class with a friend and discovered I uh…didn’t love it. It was really cool, but it’s definitely not my new go-to. You’ll never know until you try though. Take advantage of good deals and passes and try a yoga class, a spin class, a new type of cardio, something you’ve never really explored before. 

Increase your water intake

This is fitness-related in the way all things health are. Drink more water, seriously. Stop buying soda. Carry a water bottle wherever you go. Set reminders on your phone. I carry a water bottle everywhere with me and have a rule that I can’t walk into work or home with any water in it. That sometimes means chugging some water on the street corner, but it gets me there, and that’s what matters. Drink more water people — especially if you’re exercising a lot. 

Sample a personal trainer

Something I am hoping to do is try a personal trainer in 2020. I’ve heard great things, it’s not that expensive, and I know I need the help because I’m horrible at self-motivation in the gym and I don’t know how to use half the machines. If you’ve never used a personal trainer before, try sampling one. Sign up for five sessions, maybe, and see if it works for you. If not, move on. If it does though, consider your life changed.

Buy new workout shoes

I realized in late 2019 that the “tennis shoes” I owned were crap. I mean, they were nice, but not for exercise. I ended up doing more damage than necessary. Similarly, my very active friend saw that she was wearing through her nice ones. So, we have both decided to invest an afternoon in early 2020 to buying new workout shoes. Testing them out, investing in them monetarily, and really setting ourselves up for success in 2020. You should do the same.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member