Image Credits: TJ Maxx

One of the fun parts of a political conference is getting dressed up in your best business casual to attend. Political conferences are our version of fashion week for young conservative women. However business dresses aren’t always the cheapest. For young ladies across the country, it can be hard to find appropriate clothing at a price point that is affordable. As someone who has spent the past three years attending many different conferences with little to no money to spare on clothing, I have a few stores that I can recommend where you can find a dress that will make you feel like the girl boss you are — without breaking the bank. 

Ross For Less

This store has dresses from many different designers and labels that are marked down at a discounted price. I’ve picked up an Ivanka Trump brand dress at Ross and have stocked my closet full of business casual outfits thanks to their racks.

You will find dresses ranging from $8 for a pencil skirt to $30 for a full length formal gown perfect for a banquet or gala event. 

The dress I’m wearing in the picture below is just one of many that I have gotten from Ross. 

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is the slightly more expensive sister of Ross, but their price points are still extremely low. You can find anything you need for your next political conference in one of these stores at price points that can leave you room in your bank account to go shopping in the shoe aisle as well. 

Button up shirts, slacks, blazers, you can find them all here from price ranges in the $15-$25 range. 


A fixture at almost every mall, H&M has high quality business clothing at sale prices at outlets and clearance sections of their regular stores. Don’t let the prices at the front of the store scare you! Dig into these treasure trove sections in the back or at outlet malls to find the wrap around dress of your dreams or the pink blazer that will make you channel your inner Elle Woods. 

If you can’t find anything at a physical store near you, they also have a large sale section online where you can find dresses like this one for $13! 

Ann Taylor Factory 

Another staple at every outlet mall, Ann Taylor usually has price tags that can send the everyday college and high school student right back out the door. Thankfully, they have racks upon racks of sale items and huge outlet stores where you can find the same high quality items for much cheaper. 

Ann Taylor is a personal favorite of mine for finding appropriate length skirts for conferences or events. They have fun patterns and colors to match with a button up shirt or white sweater like the one below that is $15. 

Your local thrift store 

While the idea of finding business appropriate clothing at a thrift store can sound ridiculous to some, you would not believe the treasures that are hiding in those overflowing stores. 

Lurking between the millionth baseball tee and a stained white sweater you can find an Express blouse, a pair of White House Black Market pants, or an Ann Taylor dress just ready for you to wear at your next conference. The dress I’m wearing below was a thrift store find, and you never know what you’ll find once you start searching.

Stormi R