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It has been an incredible year for Representative Elise Stefanik. From standing up for GOP women in primaries to refusing to back down during heated hearings, she has emerged as a strong Republican leader in Congress’ lower chamber. She has prominent positions on the House Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Education and Labor, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. She’s held over 900 events in her district since taking office and has prioritized the needs of her district while in Washington. She also had many viral-worthy moments of the year. We stan a conservative woman standing up for herself and other women. Let’s discuss Rep. Stefanik’s 5 biggest clap-backs of 2019. 

“I wasn’t asking for permission.”

In early 2019, she was reacting to the “crisis level” of GOP women on the Hill by leaving the NRCC and striking out on her own. As the first female head of recruitment, she recruited over 100 Republican women to run for office, but the NRCC’s policy of not getting into primaries prevented her from directly supporting them. Only one made it to the Hill – Rep. Carol Miller (WV-03). After NRCC chairman Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) took a swipe at her decision and called getting involved in primaries a “mistake”, she replied “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

Emmer backed off of his comments and eventually supported Stefanik’s decision. The official E-PAC launch came on January 17th, 2019. Within the first two weeks, the PAC raised over $250,000.

“This laughable editorial…(does the work for me).”

In early January, an opinion piece that ran in the Washington Examiner stated that we need more Republican women in Congress, but not necessarily Republicans like Stefanik. The column essentially claimed that Stefanik was not “conservative enough.” Her response was classy and plugged the work of E-PAC. Conservatives on Twitter were quick to jump to her defense.

“Completely sexist and inappropriate.”

In June, a Letter to the Editor was published in the Post-Star, a newspaper that covers part of Stefanik’s district. The letter, among other things, states that if Stefanik was not as pretty as she was, it would be easier to criticize her. She quickly took the paper to task for publishing the sexist op-ed and the letter writer for not making legitimate arguments. 

“No, it’s not good.”

The Representative had several breakout moments leading up to and during the impeachment hearings. One of them took place in early November, when a transcript of an interview between the Intelligence Committee and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was released. In the interview, Vindman’s attorney appeared to mistake Stefanik for a staffer. After being reassured that she was an elected member, she told him that she “get[s] asked this a lot.” He replied, “Oh, that’s good.” Stefanik fired back with “No, it’s not good.”

“The one thing I’ve never been called in my life is trash.”

Stefanik went viral in the November during an Intelligence Committee hearing as part of the  impeachment inquiry. In a video that went viral, she calls out Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his conduct during the inquiry and his treatment of the minority members. The video attracted members of Resistance Twitter, a group of people on Twitter who do nothing but attack those who are right of center. One of these people is George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway and noted anti-Trump personality. He labeled Stefanik as “lying trash.” Then, he encouraged people to donate to her 2020 opponent, and circulated a photo-shopped image of Stefanik flipping the middle finger to a camera in the hearing room. She quickly fired back at both his flippant comment and at the fake image

Stefanik has been a huge role model for many women involved in politics. She truly is one of the finest the GOP has to offer. We cannot wait to see what she takes on in 2020. 

Jillian K