When we launched the Future Female Leaders Book Club in late March 2020, we knew we wanted a place for like-minded, conservative woman to gather to talk about something that we all love: books! Each month, we announce our pick on the first of the month and we love seeing everyone’s reactions/ We all have different reasons we joined the book club, we all have different reasons why we read certain things, and we all like different genres, but the FFL book club gives us a place to come together, talk about our month’s pick as well as other books we’re reading, and find that camaraderie that so many of us are looking for!

As we wrap up the first eight months–the first calendar year–of the FFL book club, I wanted to hear from some of the members about why and when they joined the book club, what they’re getting out of, what they’ve loved reading and why, and what they would recommend we read next.

Whether you’re a long-time reader, rediscovering your love of literature, or somewhere in between, we hope these perspectives will inspire you to give the FFL book club a chance. We’re a diverse set of readers, but we love to talk about books with each other.

You can find out more about the Official FFL Book Club HERE, and join our Facebook group HERE

When did you join the FFL Book Club?

Bailey: I joined the book club the first month that it started.”

Maddie: “August 2020”

Brittany: “Right as it was starting–April”

Caroline D: “When it began”

Caroline O: “In the very beginning”

Stormi: “April 2020!”

Why did you join the FFL Book Club? 

Bailey: “I joined the FFL Book Club to find a sense of community with like-minded women. During the pandemic I was feeling disconnected and wanted to find a place to connect with other people. The FFL book club also provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow through discussing books with others.”

Maddie: “I love books and conservatism!!”

Brittany: “I had stopped reading in 2016 time frame and really wanted to get back into it. I thought this would be a great way to get back into something I love, while having conversation with like minded women. “

Caroline D: “A place to talk books with people who had the same principles as me. “

Caroline O: “I wanted to read more books with a sprinkle of politics in it with female empowerment”

Stormi: “I wanted to read books with like-minded women and be able to discuss them in a fun way despite being all across the country from each other. “

What is your favorite book we’ve read so far?

Bailey: American Royals by Katharine McGee”

Maddie: American Royals by Katharine McGee”

Brittany: American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton”

Caroline D:The Mind of a Conservative Woman by Marsha Blackburn”

Caroline O: Most Likely by Sarah Watson”

Stormi: Most Likely by Sarah Watson”

Why was that your favorite book that we’ve read?

Bailey: American Royals was my favorite book because it provided me with an escape during the pandemic. I never really read fiction so stepping into the fictional world of the American royals was refreshing and the perfect timing for me. “

Brittany: “This book really surprised me. I did not think I would love it as much as I did. In fact, I originally tried to read it back when the club had it as the monthly book. I just couldn’t get through the first chapter. All in all, I was not interested. As the summer went by and I had taken a Which First Daughter Are You quiz, in which I got Alice, I decided to pick it up again. I could not put it down. I knew nothing of Alice and the life she lived before. And, I really never paid attention to the children of Presidents. Now, I am so inspired by her, she was strong, independent, smart, never let the fact she was a woman stop her from doing anything, and just the type of person I would want to hang out with at a party. I loved reading her story and how she really should be someone we talk about more as a female leader in the Republican Party. Sure, she isn’t perfect, but who is? She worked so hard behind the scenes to make things happen. I find that is really how I like to operate. The author did an amazing job with writing the story in a first-person view. I was so sad to see the book end. “

Caroline D: “I have always enjoyed memoirs the most. I found her book especially compelling because it was aimed at conservative women like myself. I really appreciated having someone who is high-profile acknowledge the struggles of being a woman who is conservative. “

Caroline O: “I loved Most Likely the most out of all the books because I really enjoyed the four girls point of views and how the book brought everything between them together. The who’s who about the one who became the president was such a fun thing to think about because in one chapter I’d think it was gonna be Martha and then the next I thought it was gonna be Jordan. All of the girls were super relatable and I love when an author gives their characters a life of their own!”

Stormi: “I was second-guessing myself throughout the book about what the ending was going to be. I thought it showed representation from multiple different walks of life, including situations that I had gone through myself while applying for college and deciding what I wanted to do with my life. It showed a tight knit female friend group that wasn’t always perfect and felt realistic to the relationships that we have in real life. There were multiple lessons and themes to be learned that I really enjoyed and have stayed with me since reading.”

What is one book we haven’t picked for book club yet that you wish we would or would recommend to book club members and why?

Maddie: “Anything by Kristin Hannah!”

Brittany: “I am currently reading With All Due Respect by Nikki R. Haley and think it is a must read! It is a good in sight to the Trump Administration and just how well the Former Ambassador handled tough situations. I think a lot of conservatives can learn from her. She really has made a lot of tough decisions and shares her thoughts on how she came to those decisions well. “

Caroline D: “A book about Amy Coney Barrett when it is released. “

Caroline O: Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory”

Stormi: One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London is a book about a plus sized influencer becoming that world’s version of the Bachelorette that I think would be a great read. While marketed as a romance, it deals with body positivity, vulnerability, themes about how we often hold ourselves back the most, and has fun commentary and parody of one of the most popular and iconic reality shows of all time. “

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member