It’s finally here—our last book club selection of 2021, and boy, have we got a GIFT for you. Our December pick is the perfect book to gift, but also to yourself, as we prepare for the holiday season. While it does focus primarily on Christmas, there’s so much joy for holiday celebration and tradition woven throughout, that even non-Christians will find something to enjoy inside the pages. 

That’s right: our December 2021 book club pick is ALL AMERICAN CHRISTMAS, a collection of essays to get you in the Christmas spirit, edited by Rachel Campos Duffy and her husband, former Congressman Sean Duffy.  Whether you read this book all in one go, listen to the audiobook, or treasure one story a night before bed, this book will leave you ready to welcome Santa, celebrate the Advent, and gather your family tight and celebrate the traditions you have and are creating each year! 

Grouped by theme (The Joy of Giving, the Joy of Receiving, the Joy of Faith, and the Joy of Family) , essays included come from such well-known conservative personalities as: 

  • Dana Perino

  • Jesse Watters

  • Bret Baier

  • Brit Hume

  • Lawrence Jones

  • Ainsley Earhardt

  • Brian Kilmeade

  • John Roberts

  • Sandra Smith

  • Charles Payne

  • John Rich

  • Martha MacCallum 

  • Shannon Brean

  • Lauren Green

  • Geraldo Rivera

  • Janice Dean

  • Steve and Peter Doocy

  • Bill Hemmer

  • Maria Bartiromo

  • Emily Compagno

And of course the Duffy’s themselves!

It’s a who’s who holiday collection, and a great look into the upbringing, background, and current life of people that many of us feel like we already know from watching them on TV so often. There are even some recipes included!

If you, like me, are an audiobook fan, this one is a real treat! Almost all of the essays are read by the authors in the Audible version, which makes it feel even more relatable and open-hearted. 

There’s truly something for everyone within these pages–no matter what your favorite part of Christmas is, no matter how devout your Christianity, no matter how happy your home life. Conservatives come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our Christmas experiences and traditions! 

I hope you’ll pick this title up this December and get lost in the love and joy of the holiday season as we celebrate it with those around us!

As always, the FFL book club will be discussing our favorite books in our private Facebook discussion group all month, and having discussion questions geared around our favorite holiday traditions and memories beginning on the 15th of December!

All American Christmas is on sale wherever books are sold. 

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member