President Biden has just announced his most recent gun control executive orders and there is just so much to say about them.

President Biden formally announced that David Chipman, a known gun control advocate, would be the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). This could obviously be problematic as having someone who would ultimately like to see restrictions to gun ownership is now in charge of the bureau who oversees such things.

One of the most prominent executive orders asks the Department of Justice to propose a rule that would stop “ghost guns”. These “ghost guns” are essentially DIY kits where you can assemble guns on your own. That being said, some of these “ghost guns” are often just parts that come and are put together. Some purchase these kits to fix a specific thing on their own gun. It is a federal crime to remove the serial number from your gun but since when did parts of a gun need serial numbers too? What else are we going to add serial numbers to? Holsters? Bullets? Cleaning kits? Triggers?

Another executive order that was quite incorrectly explained by Merrick Garland himself is about braces for handguns. What Garland said was that these braces or stabilizers could turn handguns into “short-barrel rifles” which simply isn’t true. And he also said that these “AR-pistols are concealable” which again, isn’t true. The executive order itself asks DOJ to, within 60 days, to propose a rule pertaining to those.

Other asks of DOJ in the executives orders are: to propose what actions need to be taken on “community violence intervention” which is a nothingburger, to publish suggestions in regards to “red flag” laws, and asks for a report on gun trafficking which hasn’t been conducted since 2000. 

Biden also said “You can go to a gun show, you can buy what you want and no background check” which again, is untrue. Do you see a theme here with whether these statements are accurate? Because same.

The reason these executive orders were released now is in response to the recent mass shootings. But not one of these executive orders would’ve stopped a single one of these mass shootings. Bare with me, but it’s almost like bad people intent on killing or harming others will disregard the law and carry out whatever plan they desire. 

And finally, President Biden, who is lauded as the first church-going President in years and the first Catholic since JFK, said “enough prayers, time to act.” Yeesh. This speech writer should be fired. The entire speech was a sloppy, factually incorrect, nothingburger of fluff.

Molon labe, y’all.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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