What does a strong woman look like? Must she be a feminist? Someone who’s pro-choice? A woman who’s liberal? The real question is, why must a definition of being a strong woman be political? Does she have to agree with everything liberal? Honestly, being a strong, independent woman shouldn’t only be one sided. There are empowering women on the both sides of the aisle who should be recognized and make excellent role models. But first, let’s start with traits of a strong woman.

What does it mean to be a strong woman? A strong woman is not afraid voice her opinion. She stands for what she believes in despite the costs. She’s speaks up for herself and for anyone who struggles to find their voice. Being an independent woman is about overcoming any hurdles life may throw at her. The ability to tackle a problem and come out even stronger. Being an empowered woman means having freedom of choice. For example, whether or nor to get married, have kids, or having a career and being successful in whatever she chooses. It’s all about being smart and the ability to hold your ground, to make your own choices, being successful, and most importantly, kind.

A strong woman isn’t afraid to ask her boss for the raise she deserves. She’s willing to fight for what she believes in. She speaks up when she disagrees or has something to say. She is graceful and kind, smart and polite and so much more. She knows her worth and won’t settle for less. She allows criticism to roll off her shoulders and takes it if she decides to. She has goals and aspirations and does what she can to accomplish them. Being a strong woman means knowing your weaknesses and doing what you can accomplish something. Knowing when you’re feeling weak and needing to seek help.

Both sides of the political spectrum have these types of strong women. Being a strong, independent woman means being what I said regardless of skin color, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. Your political stance shouldn’t determine whether or not someone’s a good role model. What matters is their character and how they carry themselves.

You can be liberal and be an empowered woman.

You can be conservative and be a strong woman.

You can be independent and be an independent woman.

Political affiliation shouldn’t matter.

Melody has her degrees in Political Science and Liberal Arts. She has had her work published in her local paper and in Harness Magazine.

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