Brock Turner. Across the country, people recognize the name even if we can’t put a face to it. His name is incendiary because of what he did and how he barely got punished. Brock Turner is convicted of three counts of felony sexual assault. “Emily Doe”, the survivor, was both attacked and praised online for her heroic ability to come forward and steady the course as her attacker sat in the same room as her during her testimony. She was bashed for being drunk or being at a fraternity, but the reality was that none of that mattered. We already knew that “Emily Doe” was courageous. What we didn’t know was that Chanel Miller, also known as “Emily Doe” was finding her footing. Now, she is ready to tell her story in a memoir called Know My Name.

Before continuing to read, I am issuing a trigger warning for those who have experienced sexual assault. This review will feature tough details about the assault and what the survivor experienced. Practice self-care if you find this to be difficult. 

Chanel Miller was 22 years old when the story begins. Found behind a dumpster by two men, who eventually chased down her assailant, with her dress up above her waist, her underwear off her body and in front of her as she was curled in the fetal position. In the book, Chanel takes you with her as she comes to in a hospital and confused as to why she is there. She takes you with her as she experiences the long day in the hospital with getting a rape kit done.

I believe the most heartbreaking part of this story is when and how Chanel decided to tell her family. You learn within the book the kind of person that Chanel is. Chanel is a protector and the kind of person you lean on during a time of panic. You get the sense that she is respected for her ability to be a rock for others and would do anything to prevent people from feeling any pain. Telling her family took her awhile and she continued to keep a lot of people in the dark as to what was going on, including her boyfriend. 

This whole book is the journey of what being a survivor is like, but on a national scale. You learn Chanel’s thoughts as she read the comments sections. Then, you learn what it was like for her to find out who assaulted her on Google instead of by the police. In addition, you’re there with her as she suffers complete normal breakdowns from stress and worry. Her attitude changes and the many ways in which her life changed are chronicled in this book.

In order to read this book, you must practice self-care. Many questions that the public may have for her are answered in her tell-all memoir, but they are quite detailed and may be disturbing to some. Her willingness to share her story, a story that none of us are owed, is inspiring and powerful. 

“Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk.” -Chanel Miller

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