“You’re a conservative? You must hate women!”

“You want to control women’s bodies!”

“You’re reinforcing the patriarchy!”

I will bet that you, as a conservative woman, have probably had at least one of these phrases thrown at you. The left likes to use their identity politics in an effort to guilt trip individuals into their party. According to a study conducted by The Pew Research Center in 2018, over 56% of women in the United States vote Democrat. This is quite saddening for us conservative women, not only because of our political beliefs, but that many women have been brainwashed by identity politics into supporting a political party instead of researching objectively. Because of this, they have given up their free-thinking selves.

It’s no secret that in the 19th and 20th centuries women were not allowed positions of authority in most organizations, could not vote, were not allowed into certain jobs, didn’t have equal pay, and more. Historic women fought for these rights and may we never forget their names. It is only because of the first wave feminists that we have these rights today. Women have come a long way in the past 100 years.

Today, many liberal feminists argue that women still have less rights than men. They advocate for abortion rights, equal pay, gun control etc. In fact, it seems like “women’s issues” have become in lockstep with the liberal agenda. What they won’t tell you is how conservatism is inherently pro-woman. Let’s discuss.

Conservatives support life

Many conservatives are pro-life. Pro-lifers believe that every human has a right to life. Liberal feminists argue that it’s “their body, their choice,” that they should be able to do what they want, and “old, white men” shouldn’t be making laws to restrain their bodies. The issue with this argument, is that it’s not actually the woman’s body affected by the abortion. Women are told that what is inside them is just a clump of cells. This is inherently false. The abortion ends the life of a human being with its own unique set of DNA and body parts.

Many women are told that they cannot carry on their lives while pregnant, and that it will inhibit them from carrying on with school and work. This is, again, false. Thousands of women each year become pregnant, keep the pregnancy, and go about their everyday life. The liberal feminist idea that women will be inhibited because they become pregnant promotes weakness. This isn’t pro-woman. It is arguing that the only way to get through an unwanted situation is to remove the situation altogether, no matter if it takes a human life.

The conservative pro-life movement pushes for strength. Conservatism encourages women to choose life, because we believe that they are strong and capable. Pro-life conservatives are ready to offer as much support as needed, even if those immediately surrounding them are not ready. In short, we are eager to stand with troubled women so that they can carry on with their lives with strength and support. What is more pro-woman than that?

Conservatives support true equal pay

The wage gap is also another myth that the liberal feminist movement pushes. Many liberal feminists approach this issue by starting off with, “Women are paid 77 cents to every man’s dollar.”

Don’t fall for the catchy slogan. This statement is incredibly misleading. In fact, equal pay has been the law of the land since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What that slogan doesn’t take into account is differences in occupation, education or experience, job conditions and risks, or whether an individual works 35 or 55 hours per week. When those factors are calculated in, the alleged “pay gap” becomes non-existent. In fact, in some major metropolitan areas, young single women actually earn more than their male peers.

Liberal feminists use talking points with very little evidence to support this one claim, while conservatism actually looks to the data and affirms that women are not paid less than men. Conservatism supports the free market and limited government — not government mandates that hurt the people it intends to help. Conservatives support the idea that women should have the freedom to live their version of the American Dream — whether that is dominating a STEM field, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a stay at home mother.

Conservatives are pro-gun

In an ironic twist, most liberal feminists support strict gun control measures. This couldn’t be more anti-women. Gun-control hurts women and their ability to defend themselves in moments of danger. In fact, firearms are a great equalizer for women. Liberal feminists conveniently forget this point when begging for the abolishment of our Second Amendment.

Conservatism supports the right to bear arms and it supports self defense and gun safety for not only women, but all American citizens.

The liberal feminist movement, in its entirety, is the movement that promotes women’s fear and weakness. It preys on female vulnerability, and encourages identity politics.

Conservatism is the movement that promotes strength and resilience, all while girls continue to support girls, women support women. We encourage diversity of thought and ideas. Conservatism is pro-woman.

Giovanna Johnson is a conservative blogger, interested in going into federal law enforcement and politics. She is a high school sophomore living in MA with her parents.

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