The left has become completely unhinged. I don’t know if there is a better way to describe what we are witnessing. But what has become increasingly noticeable is the left’s version of feminism seems to be the only version they accept. 

To the left, the only way to be a feminist is to be: 

  • Pro-choice

  • Anti-gun

  • Anti-Republican

  • Woe is me, victim-mentality

  • Skeptical of only Christianity

I mean, take a look at how they treated Amy Coney Barrett, a Christian mother of seven who works as a successful judge on her way to becoming a Supreme Court Justice. I mean, Amy Coney Barrett would, and will, be the first Supreme Court Justice who is a mother to school-age children. Not only would this be such an historic feat for mothers but it would show young girls that you can have a family and a career. 

But the left lost their minds when Amy Coney Barrett was placed before them as the Supreme Court nominee. The blatant attacks on her religious affiliation were incredibly ridiculous. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s religion rightfully didn’t disqualify her from assuming a seat on the bench of the Supreme Court, but now it disqualifies Amy Coney Barrett?

If you so much as a hint at being pro-life, you’re shout-downed, bullied, dogpiled, and chastised for daring to believe that a woman wouldn’t need an abortion to succeed. The left continues to feed women and girls the lie that abortions are the only way to be successful in life and that you can’t possibly have a child and achieve your dreams. It’s simply not true. 

Don’t even get me started on the attacks women receive for voting Republican. A liberal telling me that I’m “voting against my own interests” doesn’t make it true the four millionth time it’s said. I am very much voting in my interests considering that I am voting to protect my family with a gun, to lower my taxes, to protect life from womb to tomb, to practice my religion, and to have inalienable rights.

Honestly, I do identify as a feminist. I believe that men should be granted the equal rights of men. But because I don’t subscribe to the liberal version of “feminism,” then they “don’t want me.” Take a look at the women’s marches that we see happening. Holding up a pro-life sign? You’re belittled. You carry the flag of Israel? They think you’re a monster.  You promote using a gun for self-defense? Well then by gosh, they say you want kids to die — and they do so un-ironically as they tout pro-abortion positions. 

Then, look no further than how conservative women are treated. We have been called every name in the book. We have been threatened with violence. And we have people try to publicly humiliate us. Some have probably lost friends over politics (but the left is the “tolerant” side? Yeah, sure). In fact, we have maybe even lost family over politics. Some of us may be the victim of ferocious online bullying. The list goes on and on but yet, we don’t see ourselves as victims. We rise above it because that is what we’re taught to do.

As conservatives, we don’t believe we are victims of our circumstance. Instead, we look at our circumstances, evaluate, cultivate a plan, and work hard to achieve what we want. We don’t want extra help or cry “that’s not fair” when things don’t go as planned. No, we don’t riot in the streets when pro-abortion policies are passed. We don’t torch cities when our health insurance goes up. One might even venture to say that we act like adults in the face of adversity. 

Women like Lucretia Coffin Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, and Susan B. Anthony didn’t fight for our rights as women to be told in 2020 that in order to be a good mother, you can’t be a Supreme Court Justice or to be a good mother, you have to stay home with your kids, or to be a good woman then you need to abort your child in order to achieve your dreams. 

The left doesn’t want feminism for all or truly believe in the feminism they tout. Modern feminists only respect and want rights for people who agree with them on everything. 

“Feminism for me, not for thee” is the new left.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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