2020 is a big election year–and I’m not just talking about the race for the White House. There are also 35 senate seats open in 2020, and 11 states will also be electing governors. Oh…and the entire House of Representatives. No big deal, right?

While everyone loves to talk about the White House, we know that the Senate, the House, and your local reps have a lot more impact on your daily life. 

Let’s take a look at the 23 Republican Senators who are up for election this year. Don’t forget–it’s not too late to get involved in supporting a candidate, getting out the vote in general, or working the polls!

Alaska: Dan Sullivan

Republican Dan Sullivan won his seat in 2014, so this is his first re-election campaign. He is expected to easily win his seat, and has one Democratic challenger. 

Arizona: Martha McSally (Special)

McSally was appointed to fill John McCain’s seat after his death and Jon Kyl’s retirement from the interim position. She was defeated in her last original Senate race, and has a strong Democrat challenger in astronaut Mark Kelly. This will definitely be a race to watch. 

Arkansas: Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is running for an easy second term. He has no Democratic challenger, though there is a third party Libertarian candidate on the ballot. 

Colorado: Cory Gardner

Another race to watch, Gardner’s second term may not come to fruition if he can’t defeat former Colorado governor and Democratic presidential candidate John Hinckenlooper. The state leans Democratic, and Gardner is the only state-wide elected Republican at this time. 

Georgia: David Perdue

Both Georgia Senate seats are up for election this year due to special circumstances. Purdue, who won the seat in 2014. He’ll face Democrat Jon Ossoff, who notoriously spent a ton of money to lose a House race a few years ago. Purdue is slightly favored in recent polling. 

Georgia: Kelly Loeffler (Special)

The other seat in Georgia was held by Johnny Isaakson, who retired in 2019 for health reasons. He was replaced by appointee Kelly Loeffler, who now must compete for the final years of the seat–through January 2023. This special election is a “jungle primary” and therefore could go to a run-off if no candidate gets more than 50%, though Loeffler is expected to win. 

Idaho: Jim Risch

Republican Jim Risch is seeking a third term, and expected to win it easily in the red state. 

Iowa: Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst, a veteran, is up for a second term. Real estate broker Democrat Theresa Greenfield is her general election challenger, and while Ernst is expected to pull out a victory, the numbers are tighter than many anticipated. 

Kansas: Pat Roberts (Retiring)

Pat Roberts is retiring after four terms in the Senate. Representative Roger Marshall (Republican) and Democratic state senator Barbara Bollier are competing for the seat. It is a historically Republican seat, but Bollier is polling well. 

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is seeking his seventh term in the Senate. He is expected to easily win, but does face a challenger in veteran Democrat Amy McGrath, who previously ran for the state’s 6th district seat in 2018 and lost. 

Louisiana: Bill Cassidy

Republican Bill Cassidy is seeking a second term and expected to win it. A “Louisiana Primry” (basically a jungle primary but for the general) will be held in November to see if Cassidy or one of the Democrat opponents–like the mayor of Shreveport–pulls out a victory. 

Maine: Susan Collins

One of the most contentious races of the year will be to see if Maine’s Susan Collins can win a fifth term. The speaker of the state House, Sara Gideon, is her Democratic challenger, and this is the closest race Collins has had yet. She and Gideon are polling close, and this will definitely be one to watch this November. 

Mississippi: Cindy Hyde-Smith

Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed by Missisisspi’s governor to this seat after Thad Cochran’s retirement. She won the special election in 2018 to finish his term, and now will seek her first full-term in her own right. She is being challenged by the former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, who lost to Hyde-Smith in 2018. 

Montana: Steve Daines

Republican Steve Daines is seeking a second term in the Senate. His Democratic challenger is former governor Steve Bullock, who also ran for president in 2020. While Daines is still projected to win, Bullock will be a fierce competitor. 

Nebraska: Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse, known for his non-support of Trump compared to some of his colleagues, is seeking a second term. He handily won his primary and will face Democrat Chris Janicek in the general election. Sasse is strongly favored in the red state. 

North Carolina: Thom Tillis

Thom Tillis narrowly won his first term in 2014, so his second term race will be one to watch. He will face Cal Cunningham, a former Democratic state senator and the race will be tight! 

Oklahoma: Jim Inhofe

Republican Jim Inhofe is seeking a fifth term and expected to win it easily. His Democratic opponent is a local attorney. 

South Carolina: Lindsey Graham

Graham is seeking a fourth term in the Senate. The former 2016 hopeful won his primary in June and will face Democrat Jaime Harrison in November. It’s not a runaway win for Graham yet, but he will likely eek out a win unless something happens. 

South Dakota: Mike Rounds

Republican Mike Rounds is expected to easily win a second term. Rounds formerly served as the state’s governor for two years and will face former state Rep. Dan Ahlers in November. 

Tennessee: Lamar Alexander (Retiring)

Three-term Senator Alexander will not seek a fourth, and that’s not a surprise to anyone. Bill Hagerty will be the Republican on the ballot this November, and he’ll face off against Democratic environmental activist Marquita Bradshaw and lots of independent candidates. The seat is expected to stay red. 

Texas: John Cornyn

Cornyn is expected to easily win a fourth term in the Senate. His last race was a blowout as well. He will face Democratic Air Force veteran MJ Hegar, who previously ran for the House, in November. 

West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito

Capito is no stranger to Capitol Hill, and will likely stay in her seat after winning a second term. Paula Jean Swearengin, a former Senate candidate, will be her Democratic challenger, but Capito is expected to win with ease. 

Wyoming: Mike Enzi (Retiring)

After twenty-four years in the Senate, Enzi will retire. Former Rep. Cynthia Lummis won the GOP Primary and will face Democrat Professor Merav Ben-David in November. She’s expected to win the solidly red state.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member