It was a big week in politics. There was a lot of celebration on the Democratic side of the aisle, but there’s a lot that Republican women can be proud about, too! Rising stars in the party and the legislative achievements from women in the Trump administration over the last four years are just a few notable stories to recognize this week. Here’s the scoop:

Melania Trump reflects on the last four years and bids White House farewell

In a nearly seven-minute long speech, former First Lady Melania Trump looked back on her time in the Trump administration. She recalled times she spent with military servicemen, law enforcement, as well as young children in hospitals. She also highlighted achievements from her “Be Best” campaign, including work that was done under the initiative to fight the opioid epidemic.

Meghan McCain speaks truth about calls for “unity”

As the lone conservative on The View, Meghan McCain has given voice to right-leaning individuals in an otherwise liberal-dominated sphere, and this week was no exception. McCain expressed her optimism at President Biden’s calls for unity in his inauguration speech, along with the skepticism that many of us are also feeling. She highlighted the hostility that many on the left have shown right-leaning individuals and that, while Biden might seek unity, his party continues to call those on the right “enemies.” McCain underscored the need for the calls for unity to be heard and met by both sides.

Nancy Mace seeks to be a “new voice” for the GOP

She’s been in Congress for two weeks, but Congresswoman Nancy Mace has made a name for herself in the Republican Party. After the breach of the Capitol during Mace’s first 100 hours in office, she spoke out against the violence, as well as the polarization and heated rhetoric in the country. In an interview this week with Meet the Press, Mace continued to call for a change in rhetoric and behavior on both sides of the aisle, and she said that she hopes to be part of that change.

Happy birthday, Nikki Haley!

Ambassador Haley celebrated her birthday on January 20. We are so appreciative of Haley’s strength, grace, and passion in her service to the country. She is an example to all future female leaders out there, and we’re proud to have her as a leading force in the conservative movement.

A final note…

I would be remiss not to mention a not-so-conservative woman who had a great achievement this week. Vice President Kamala Harris, sworn in this week, is the first woman and the first person of color to hold this office. Most of us reading this stand on the polar opposite side of the aisle from Harris, and we’re sure to have strong disagreements with most of her policies–I know I do. But it is also possible to set politics aside and celebrate history in the making. We extend our congratulations to Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Liana I.
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Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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