Kamala Harris now holds the second highest office in the country. For the first time in our nations history, a woman has reached that position. Yesterday was inauguration and she was the hottest topic. She was all over the news. She was all of over social media. Glass ceilings have apparently been broken. I disagree.

I consider myself a modern feminist. Yes, I believe that you can be a feminist and conservative. I believe that women have the right and ability to be whatever they aspire to, including President of the United States. I believe in my lifetime I will see the first female president. And I pray that she is not Kamala Harris. For once in my life, I’m counting on Joe Biden to be president.

Being a conservative feminist, I never want a woman to be given a shortcut. We don’t need them. We don’t need someone picking us because we are female. No, we don’t need bridges built over rivers that men have swam. We don’t need different standards when it comes to intellect, we need to strive.

Kamala Harris is a proven hypocrite. She claims to be a proponent of the black community, yet as a prosecutor she did more to keep black people disproportionately jailed with longer sentences. She’s spent years calling Joe Biden racist. She grabs at power as soon as she sees it and turns her back on whatever “principles” she’s claimed to have. She uses being a woman of color and being female as a weapon. So gather round little girls and hear the story of the incredible woman who finally became the first female Vice President of the United States. There’s some important lessons to be learned here.

Use whatever you can in the cheapest way possible. If it benefits you to point out that you’re a woman of color, make sure you scream it from the roof tops. If a man who you’ve called racist for years offers you a chance at power, be sure to abandon what you’ve said and jump on board. Vote Blue! Use any means necessary to reach the top of your game, have no principles that you are willing to cross, and never look back. Be ruthless.

This is a sad day for women everywhere. Kamala Harris has cheapened this moment for us all. I wish you luck Madam Vice President. And God Bless Joe Biden, may he hold on to sanity long enough to be voted out in 2024.

Samantha Townley is a childcare professional in San Diego, California. She’s a proud alumnae of Pi Beta Phi and Colorado State University. She enjoys red wine, quoting Ronald Reagan, and having long political discussions with her three cats.

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