Liberals: champions of equality, feminism, freedom of expression, and “sticking it to the man.” Or at least that’s what they claim to do. 

SCOTUS nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, had her first nomination hearing on October 12, 2020. She was graceful, strong, surrounded by her family… and wearing a dress. Objectors to Barrett’s nomination took to Twitter to point out her “inappropriate” attire in addition to being scrutinized for not being the “right kind” of women by the left. 

A tweet from @McAdooGordon reads:

ACB is in the hot seat right now though, surely this doesn’t happen to other women. Wrong. 

A professor of mine, who was also my boss, as well as a mentor in many aspects, decided after more than a year of leadership coaching and mentoring it was time to tell me how to be a woman. Mind you, this professor is a man. 

As a practicing Doctor of Psychology and the director of our leadership office, many would think that he’d have a little more decency than to tell a young female student how to dress and act. 

While in a meeting with him, the conversation got very much off track and suddenly he was telling me I was not allowed to wear a dress or a skirt to an interview, that I had to wear pants in order to “blend in with the men” and “not be sexualized.” He also said I was not allowed to wear makeup, and if I did it had to be “very minimum and natural.” This was all being said by a man who claimed to champion feminism and equality. 

On another occasion, he once said to me he “could never understand how other psychologists support Donald Trump,” and called them “idiots.” He constantly smeared our President, labeling him as an incompetent leader. He said all these things to me, knowing my political views (because somehow all that is going to change my mind).

As the director of our leadership office, he would often give presentations on leadership to other classes. A friend of mine had been placed in a women’s studies class, where he came in to speak on the topic of women’s leadership. The entire class was made up of women. He went around the room, shook everyone’s hand, then told them they all had horrible handshakes because they were women. He told them since they all had horrible handshakes, they wouldn’t be taken seriously in the real world. 

Each of these instances sound a lot like mansplaining, but the left will say “liberal men are completely incapable of mansplaining because they’re liberal, of course!” However, all too often it is the liberal man mansplaining to the conservative woman. 

Now, I feel the sudden urge to never wear pants to an interview ever again. Let’s all take after ACB and stand proudly in our dresses and skirts.

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Mickey M

Mickey is a senior at Widener University, studying political science and communications. She is involved in Young Women for America, Turning Point USA, and PragerFORCE. Aside from politics, Mickey enjoys graphic design, reading and painting. She aspires to one day become the White House Press Secretary.