The 2020 election season is in full swing, and here at FFL we’re excited to see that there has been a surge in Republican women running for public office. We love to celebrate conservative women in all capacities and give our readers a look at what they stand for. 

The filing date for congressional races for 2020 in Minnesota recently passed. Minnesota will hold its primaries on August 11, 2020 and will host the general election on November 3, 2020. 

There are currently no GOP women holding seats in the House or Senate from Minnesota. There are, however, 2 GOP women running to change that.

Danielle Stella (MN-05)

Danielle Stella is also running to defeat Ilhan Omar in November in Minnesota’s 5th district. She is a teacher for children with autism and has spent her life providing special needs care. Stella also works with veterans and others in her community dealing with trauma or PTSD. She is a supporter of law enforcement, the military, the second amendment, and wants to address her district’s homelessness problem. 

Michelle Fischbach (MN-07)

Michelle Fischback is running in Minnesota’s 7th district, currently held by Democrat Collin Peterson. The CPVI lists this district as R+12, and it overwhelmingly went for Trump in 2016, making it winnable for a Republican in November. Michelle represented the state as a whole as Lieutenant Governor from 2018 – 2019. Michelle was also a Minnesota State Senator in District 13 from 1997 – 2018 and was the first woman in MN history to serve as the President of the Senate. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Cloud State University and holds a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law. Michelle is passionate about defending the Second Amendment (and has an “A rating from the NRA), protecting life (and has scored 100% on the MCCA scorecard), securing borders, supporting farmers, honoring our veterans, and fixing our broken healthcare system. She and her husband, Scott, live near Paynesville, MN, and have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. 

Emilie N
Emilie is an FFL Cabinet Member from the upper Midwest. She loves her mama, loves Jesus, and America, too. When she's not cheering on the Minnesota Vikings or obsessing over the Olympics, you can find her watching Friends or petting a dog.

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