Shot: A $1 billion dollar budget cut to the NYPD

Chaser: an enormous uptick in crime and violence in New York City.

To anyone who uses their brain, this is by no means a surprise. When the woke mob demands defunding the police, suggests sending social workers into to do the jobs of law enforcement and generally just makes a giant nuisance of themselves, it is not shocking when the city starts to crumble. Putting aside the fact that the Black Lives Matter organization is seconds away from being declared a giant joke due to the fact that their leader is buying up houses like she’s playing a real-life game of monopoly and the very people who’s names have been used to scam money for the organization are starting to question where the money is actually going, New York City is genuinely in trouble. Luckily for the people who live there, Mayor de Blasio is exercising a rare moment of intelligence. The mayor has announced that NYPD will be receiving a pile of money that will aide law enforcement in hopefully getting the city back under control.

Amidst all the chaos and violence, the true character is good people is still evident. Meet NYPD officer, mom and all-around hero Alyssa Vogel. There was a shooting in Times Square this weekend and one of the people injured was 4-year-old Skye Martinez. Body cam footage shows Officer Vogel rushing to the girl and applying a tourniquet to her bleeding leg. Vogel then scooped up the girl and sprinted down the street to an ambulance. Thanks to Vogel’s bravery and quick thinking, the little girl is expected to make a full recovery. She started as a teacher but Alyssa Vogel switched careers and like her Father, her husband and her brother joined the NYPD. I think we all know that at least one family, the Martinez family, is thankful she did so. Thank you for your service, Officer Vogel and stay safe.

Hannah Brokaw lives in the Bluegrass State but votes red. She enjoys true crime TV shows, long naps and tacos. Please bother her via Twitter where she has a lot of thoughts.

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