The 2020 election season is in full swing, and here at FFL we’re excited to see that there has been a surge in Republican women running for public office. We love to celebrate conservative women in all capacities and give our readers a look at what they stand for.

Delaware will hold its primaries on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 and will host the general election on November 3, 2020.

Of Delaware’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and 2 seats in the U.S.Senate, none is currently filled by a GOP woman or by any Republican. There is one Republican woman seeking to change this statistic.

Lauren Witzke (US Senate)

Lauren Witzke will be on the GOP primary ballot this fall in hopes of then beating Senator Chris Coons, an incumbent Democrat, in the general election. Witzke prides herself in her adamantly “America first” platform. Born and raised in Delaware, she earned her degree in Business Management from Goldey Beacom Business College and then worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. She soon found herself addicted to opioids. After getting back on her feet, Witzke began to speak out about her time working for drug cartels and the dangers of the opioid addiction crisis. Through this activism and through her campaign, she offers her firsthand perspective on in-depth solutions to combat this nationwide crisis.

Along with plans for our nation’s recovery from the opioid epidemic, Lauren Witzke puts pro-life, pro-family stances at the forefront of her platform. In the past, she has attended CPAC to promote and speak out about these ideals. She supports a plan to re-divert welfare programs into “an incentive program for marriage and children [in which] married couples with 3 or more children will receive financial stipends [and] those who divorce will lose all benefits.” She also hopes to end no fault divorce. Witzke is pro-life with no exception, and hopes for a Constitutional amendment to protect the unborn. She also is a public speaker in support of more restrictive immigration policies, and she wants a full 10-year moratorium on all immigration, only tolerating netting zero by allowing the number of migrants into the United States to equal the number migrating out. Witzke is pro-2A and opposes all red flag laws. She also hopes for a strengthened military, but only to defend at home and not to intervene in foreign affairs.

Lucy H

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