TGIF! This week, conservative women made an impact by announcing new initiatives, achieving historic milestones, and standing strong in their convictions. Let’s break it down.

Melania Trump announces makeover of Rose Garden

The White House Rose Garden is getting an upgrade for the first time in sixty years. The project will be overseen by the National Park Service and the makeover will be paid for through private donations.

Laura Ingraham is the most-watched female cable news host

Laura Ingraham of Fox News has officially beat out Rachel Maddow of MSNBC for mot watched female cable news host. Washington Examiner reports, “In every month since December 2019, Ingraham has beaten Maddow in nightly audience size, according to Nielsen Media Research. Additionally, in that same time frame, Ingraham’s monthly ratings never dropped below 3 million viewers a night, which is a marker she had never topped prior to this stretch. Ingraham similarly topped Maddow in the key 25-54 age demographic, which is coveted by advertisers, during the same time.”

Final filing deadlines show historic number of Republican women running for Congress

There are 584 women running for Congress this year, and 227 of those are Republican women. This surpasses the Republican party’s previous record of 133 set in 2010. The effort to elect more GOP women has been spearheaded by many member of the party and organizations including Rep. Elise Stefanik and Rep. Susan Brooks.

Kristi Noem stands up to school unions

While teacher unions across the nation are pushing for education systems to pivot to virtual learning in the fall, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem is standing strong on her state’s schools safely this fall. Noem shared “one of our largest school districts self-reported that they lost contact with as many as 30 percent of students when we went online. Think about that: some schools in our state haven’t heard from as many as a third of their kids since March. That cannot continue.” The CDC recently came out in support of schools re-opening sharing that extended school closures do more harm than good to students.

Conservatives defend Susan Collins among The Lincoln Project attacks

An attack ad by the Lincoln Project put Senator Susan Collins in the spotlight. The group painted Collins as a “Trump stooge” and state that she “never stands up to Donald Trump.” That is…quite perplexing as she has only voted in line with Trump’s position 46.2% of the time during the 116th Congress. Collins is one of the most independent Republicans in the United States Senate and as conservative commentator, Guy Benson, eloquently put it:

“On the two biggest knocks against her voting record (Kavanaugh confirmation & impeachment acquittal), she offered detailed, thoughtful explanations — and voted the same way she did when Dem presidents were in office. “Conservatives” trying to oust her have zero credibility. None.”

Conservative women deal with this kind backlash all the time and prominent conservatives have voiced their support of Collins among the attacks. While the “conservative” Lincoln Project attempts to unseat her, Senator Collins continues to keep her head held high and serve her constituents. We’ve got your back!

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Amanda O