On April 26th, First Lady Melania Trump celebrates her 50th birthday. People have a lot of opinions about her, but regardless of where you stand on her politics, her proposals, or her career, you have to admit she has style.  There will be a million think-pieces written about her in celebration of her birthday, and I anticipate a lot of Instagram posts about her influence in the world,but I wanted to take a non-political moment to appreciate having another style icon in the White House. The role of first lady is a complicated one–one that no one really “chooses” but that all embrace in their own unique ways. You can learn more about the evolving role of first ladies via the podcast Ladies, First.

Let’s look at some of Melania’s best looks since becoming first lady in January 2017. All photography credits are included.

This Stunning White Dress


Melania wore this gown while in England on an official visit.


This Gorgeous Pink Coat

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Melania wore this coat while meeting the President of Colombia and his wife.

This Menswear Look

(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Melania wore this ensemble while visiting the pyramids at Giza.

This Glittering Gown

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Melania wore this Chanel gown at her first state dinner, welcoming the president and first lady of France.

This Elegant Black Combo

(Getty Images)

Melania was photographed in this black-on-black combo outside the White House in April 2018.

This Semi-Casual Plane Outfit

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Remember when the world panicked because Melania wore heels on the plane to visit Texas after Hurricane Harvey?

This Buoyant Easter Dress

(Getty Images)

Melania wore this pretty number, topped off with bright heels, for Easter festivities in 2017.

If you’re interested in Melania’s on-going fashion choices, check out USA Today’s Melania Trump Style Diary or this new book about her style.

In late 2019, author L.D. Hicks released a book, Melania Trump: Elegance in the White House, about the first lady, her fascinating story, and her fashion. “This book details in photographs and commentary the spectacular journey of a woman who brings elegance back to the White House. Fashion-forward and sophisticated, but also incredibly approachable and humble—her personal staff is less than half the size of the previous two First Ladies—Mrs. Trump is a political and cultural icon whose impact on history will surely be momentous,” the blurb promises.

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