It’s almost Mother’s Day again. After weeks of being stuck inside, calling our mom a million times, and relying on her beloved recipes to get us through, it’s time we show her how much we care. Mother’s Day shouldn’t be the only day of the year you show your mother, or the mother figure in your life, you care, but you can use it as an excuse to buy a nice gift, pour her a glass of wine, and treat her to her favorite dinner that she doesn’t have to prepare. 

Here are twenty gift ideas for the leading lady in your life–whether she’s your mother, your step mother, your wife, your mother-in-law, or your favorite friend who is a mom too!

A Heartwarming Book

Gift her a book about family and love that will make her cry–in a good way. 

A Book That Will Keep Her Up All Night

Gift her a book that will keep her thrilled until the very last page–and give her time to read it.

A Movie She Will Want to Watch on Repeat

Gift her a movie she can watch, enjoy, and hopefully want to watch again. 

Timeless Earrings

Gift the leading lady in your life a pair of timeless earrings that she’ll be able to wear anyday of the week

A Watch She’ll Wear Everyday

Gift her a beautiful, timeless watch that’s a great substitute for a smart watch full of stressful dings

A Passport Case for the Traveling Woman

If she travels a lot, this is a great gift for Mom! Get one that reminds you of your personality or favorite animal. 

A Coffee Mug From Your Alma Mater

Remind her how she has influenced your life–and helped you succeed–with a coffee mug from your alma mater. Double points if you share an alma mater!

A Star Map Of Her Favorite Moment

If you’re an only child, gift her the stars from when you were born–or from her wedding day, or the day she finally met Josh Groban. You know best, but this gift is so sweet. 

A Custom Embroidery Hoop

Gift her an adorable hoop for her home or her office–a handwritten note, flowers, or something else. 

A Gift Card to a Nearby Nail Salon

Show her you care about her self-care with a gift card to a nearby nail salon,spa, or massage parlor of her choosing. 

A Set of Bath Bombs

Self-care is important, and if your mom likes a good bath, a set of bath bombs is a great gift that keeps on giving. 

Slippers She’ll Love 

If she likes to chill, she’ll love a new set of fluffy house slippers.

A New Office Chair If She Works From Home

If she works from home, and if you know she needs a boost, get your a nice new office chair to jazz up the space. 

A Crafty Cricut Machine

If your mom is crafty, or wants to be, this is a great gift, and there’s a lot of ideas online for it already. 

A Book That Will Remind Her Of Your Younger Years

If all of her kids are grown up, your mom will love to reminisce with this sweet graphic novel of the first years with her baby. 

An E-Reader So She Can Read Anywhere

If your mom is an avid reader, and always on the go, she deserves the most up-to-date e-reader to meet her reading goals. 

A Game the Whole Family Can Play

If she likes fun and getting the whole family involved, you can’t go wrong with the gift of a good game

An Apple Pencil To Bring Out Her Creative Side

If your mom likes drawing, illustrating, or calligraphy, help her take it to the next level with an Apple Pencil. 

A Pool Float Recliner For the Pool Mama

Does your mom like to hit the pool on a sunny day? She love this adaptable, reclining pool float. 

A Set of Her Favorite Perfume

Why not show how well you know her by getting her more of her favorite perfume? Sneak a look in the bathroom, order a duplicate, and she’s set for awhile with a gift you know she’ll enjoy.

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