September 11th, 2021 marks twenty years–two decades–since the terrorist attack that took nearly 3,000 lives. Each year, we remember 9/11 in our own ways–through climbing thousands of stairs, through placing flags, through moments of silence and visits to museums and monuments and fields. This year, as we mark the 20th anniversary of an event that changed so many lives, we are looking forward to reading our September book club pick with you. Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson, while not explicitly a book about 9/11, is a book about the ways 9/11 changed lives. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it, learn more from, engage with it, and we hope that by the end, you’ll be as moved by the story as we were. 

Here at FFL, we are suckers for multi-POV novels, and Beyond the Point delivers. Three women–Hannah, Avery and Dani–all share the page as they begin their journey together at West Point. The famed school, the rigor, the friendship, it’s all there for us to follow as we shadow their four years at the school, and their life beyond West Point’s walls. 9/11 happens early in the girl’s time at West Point, and the war that ensues shapes them and changes them in ways that will astound you as a reader. This is a book that’s both heartbreaking and hopeful, eye-opening and jaw-clenchingly well done.  Whether you relate more to Hannah, Dani, or Avery, you’ll find something in this book that will draw you in. You don’t have to have grown up a military brat or have served yourself to find the heart of this book. Gibson masterfully weaves the tales of these three women together–and it’s not just drills and battles and sand storms all around. 

As much as this is a story about service to our country, it’s also a story about female friendship, resilience, and the bonds that unite us. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as we remember the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and I hope you’ll join us at FFL in remembering those we lost that day, and those we have lost in the wars since. 

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member