If you’re reading FFL, you know “the feeling.” It may overwhelm you in a lecture hall, when you see an American Flag sticker stand out among all the laptops covered in Bernie Sanders Merch, or in the library, as a classmate turns to confirm no one is watching her borrow The Reagan Diaries. Regardless of your specific career, you know that feeling of excitement when you suspect someone, especially a woman, is a Conservative. Some may have the confidence to walk (more like sprint) over to her and start a conversation about Nikki Haley’s latest tweet, while others may search for assurance that this individual is, indeed, conservative — which is where this guide comes in.

She Might Be A Conservative Woman If…

  • Her Instagram Bio features a Bible Verse, American Flag, or Elephant.

  • Her Alma Mater is Liberty University, Hillsdale College, Grove City College, The King’s College, or Texas A&M University.

  • Blue Bloods, Scandal, FBI, SEAL Team, and Designated Survivor are her favorite shows (next to Tucker Carlson Tonight, of course).

  • She has a favorite American Girl Doll.

  • She supports small businesses and respects law enforcement.

  • Her go-to conversation topic is the last book she read.

  • She has a “prior engagement” the week of CPAC and on Election Day.

  • The color red has become one of her personality traits.

  • Her news alerts are set to come from Fox News, CSPAN, Newsmax, National Review, or Politico.

  • In seminars and meetings, she’ll often play “Devil’s Advocate” and highlight the Conservative point of view.

  • Her laptop includes at least one of the following stickers: “What, like it’s hard?”, “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”, or “Empowered women empower women.”

  • She wears nude heels – or any high heels. Like Nikki Haley says, they’re ammunition.

  • She rocks a “Save The Babies” T-Shirt or any item from the FFL Store.

So, is she a Conservative?

Madison S