Image Credits: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

No doubt, everyone in politics will be discussing the State of the Union today. Everyone will be giving their opinions on who were the losers and who were the winners. I think the clear winner is one that will end up being overlooked in the face of the petty side of politics. It wasn’t the ripping of the speech, the amazing soundbites, or the protesting Democrats that won the night. It was motherhood.

As is common in the State of the Union, President Trump invited many guests that were recognized throughout the speech for each of their incredible stories. A common theme in many was the theme of motherhood and all of the struggles, sacrifices, and love that comes with it. Many mothers stood up throughout the night to be applauded and given the recognition they had so earned for the often overlooked aspects of their lives. These mothers, while not personally known to most of us, were recognizable in the most basic of ways. For many of us, it was easy to see our own mothers reflected back in them.

While my own hardworking single mother wasn’t one of the women recognized by the President, I saw so much of her own strength and love represented in them. I’m sure that women all across America could see their own mother’s sacrifices, struggles, and unconditional love reflected in each of the women who stood up and were recognized. The story of America and especially of motherhood is full of diverse backgrounds and situations. The President was able to highlight that last night.

There were single mothers who want nothing more for their daughters than to get the quality education that they deserve. There were military spouses who work and care for their children all while giving their husbands to the rest of the country in the name of our freedom. These are the women that President Trump mentioned in his speech. Their means, education level, circumstances, and class were all different, but one thing remained steadfast. These women loved their children. In fact, they were doing everything in their power to give them the best life possible.

Stephanie Davis from Philadelphia is a hardworking single mother who was mentioned in the speech along with her bright daughter, Janiyah. The young daughter and her mother had tried to get her a scholarship to be able to attend a better quality school. Thanks to Pennsylvania governor vetoing school choice legislation, they were unable to get it. Not only were the ladies’ struggles and hopes recognized by the President, something amazing happened for them. The President announced last night in front of the entire country that Janiyah was being rewarded a scholarship. Now, she is able to attend whatever school suits her best!

Another story of motherhood highlighted was Robin Schneider and her two year old daughter Ellie. This story in particular held a close place in my heart. It was the picture of Ellie born at 21 weeks two years ago that made me become Pro-Life. President Trump told Ellie’s incredible story of surviving such an early birth and medical difficulties. Now, she’s healthy with her family that can’t imagine life without her. Mothers everywhere often have to face the devastating nightmare of seeing their child sick or harmed and not being able to do anything to physically help them. Instead, these women use prayer, unconditional love, and strength to be the rock for their child and never give up on them.

One more story that we saw at the State of the Union was one that brought all Americans to tears no doubt was that of Amy Williams. a military wife. She attended the State of the Union with her two young children. President Trump highlighted the sacrifices her family has made in the name of patriotism. While her husband is deployed, Amy takes care of their children all while still working and giving time to help other military families. As Amy stood getting the standing ovation she so deserved, President Trump announced that her husband had come home. The family was reunited in the visitor’s box for all of us to see and cry over.

It is extremely easy to get caught up in the party politics and pettiness of Congress when it comes to the State of the Union. Often times, we concentrate so much on these that we leave behind the men and women who represent what really matters. The People. The people who can look on their TV and see some semblance of themselves recognized for the everyday struggles we all face and work through. It’s even easier to get caught up in life and forget about the brilliant strong women that raised us and made us the people that we are today. President Trump managed to make a speech that gave the people the reflections not only of themselves but of the women in this country who often don’t get the praise that they deserve.

Stormi R