One of the quickest ways to gain a ton of weight or lose all your money in the back is to eschew packing a lunch and instead go out for lunch frequently. As someone who likes to save money and is picky, I’ve always brought my lunch, but recently I’ve become amazed by how much money (and time!) I am saving compared to my coworkers who spend 20 minutes of their 45 minute lunch break each day driving to a nearby fast food restaurant or having GrubHub deliver. 

However, packing a lunch isn’t always easy. It depends on what kind of food you’re bringing, what situation you’ve got in the break-room, and your own personal preferences. These six items should help you be the queen of the lunch packing brigade, regardless of what your situation is. Keep in mind that you know your situation best and should plan accordingly. Some people prefer generalized containers, some prefer segmented ones. Some people toss their dressing on in the morning, some add at lunch. No matter what you prefer, or what you’re packing, these ten accessories–including five unique bags that will make the experience a little more fashionable–are a must have for the working woman not trying to break the bank. 

A reusable water bottle

Don’t spend money buying water bottles everyday. I love these Contigo bottles because they have an easy-carry handle and a reasonably-sized mouth hole (no spills!). Plus, I prefer cold water–but I don’t want to deal with office ice cube trays. This bottle is ideal because I can put it in the freezer for a few hours and then break it up against a hard surface for icy-cool drinks that keep me from wanting to go out and get a soda. 

Meal prep containers

Whether you’re doing serious meal prepping or just tossing in a sandwich every single day, you’ve got to invest in some meal prep containers. These flatter ones are perfect for flexibility, but I also know several people who use divided Bento-style boxes to keep their food separated. It’s all up to you. The key is that you want something reusable, sustainable, and dish-washer safe. 

Reusable silverware

I hate getting to work, heating up my lunch, and realizing I forgot to bring a spoon in an office full of forks. Now, I keep reusable silverware at work so I can still eat my meal but I’m not wasting plastic unnecessarily. Get something that makes you feel good looking at it and that you can wash easily between uses.

Reusable snack bags

Make bringing carrots (or cookies, no judgement) a little more fun with these reusable snack storage backs that will make you say, Ziploc who? Plus, they don’t get as beat up in your purse or backpack. 

A soup thermos

I definitely don’t bring soups (or stews) to work every day, but during cold & flu season, I often want to–but it’s hard to transport liquids like that on a morning commute. This stainless steel thermos makes it a breeze, plus it’ll keep it hot for up to 8 hours. Perfect for a workday. This one even has dishes to bring your add-ons without any extra mess. 

Now, let’s talk lunch bags. It’s no fun to bring your lunch if you’re bringing it in an old Kroger plastic bag, and we’re past the days of brown paper bags. Be sustainable, but be fashionable. Get one of these five lunch bags that will accommodate your preferred container sizer and keep you looking sharp at the office. 

LOKASS Lunch Bag with Drink Pockets

Fashionable, sturdy, gender neutral, and it has lots of room. 

Lilly Pulitzer Lunch Box with Shoulder Strap

Perfect if you’re just throwing in one main meal container, plus it’s got a bit of pep in its step. 

Kate Spade Flat Insulated Lunch Carrier

Ideal for smaller lunches and Bento boxes, this carrier is versatile. 

Insulated BuWays Lunch Bag

Ideal for the corporate worker, this sleek bag can carry it all. 

HomeSpon Reusable Lunch Tote

If you like the flexibility of a lunch tote (a la Trader Joes) but want something more reliable, this is a great option. 

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member