Enneagrams are taking over. So as politically active women, wouldn’t it be fun to know what political role you’d thrive in based off your enneagram? Keep in mind, a lot of these enneagrams would be capable of doing the same job, therefore, some roles will be used in multiple enneagram types. Let’s discuss. 

Enneagram 1: The Reformer

Qualities: Strong sense of right and wrong, ethical, well-organized, orderly, perfectionistic 


    • Campaign Manager

    • Chief of Staff

    • Finance Director

Enneagram 2: The Helper

Qualities: Energetic, warm, genuine, approachable, kind, team player, possessive


    • Legislative assistant/Secretary

    • Lobbyist

    • Constituent Services

Enneagram 3: The Achiever

Qualities: Confident, ambitious, busy, charismatic, fear of failure


    • Politician

    • Fundraiser

    • Communications Director

Enneagram 4: The Individualist

Qualities: Creative, endearing, quirky, expressive, compassionate, self-aware


    • Community outreach

    • Content creator

    • Marketing strategist 

Enneagram 5: The Investigator 

Qualities: Intuitive, insightful, extremely independent, knowledgeable, appears distant or absent-minded


    • Policy analyst

    • Opposition research

    • Pollster

Enneagram 6: The Loyalist

Qualities: Vigilant, organized, well-liked, detail-oriented, clear communicators, team player


    • Press Secretary

    • Chief of staff

    • Legal advisor

Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast 

Qualities: Fun-loving, optimistic, spontaneous, scattered, distractible, versatile


    • Field Director

    • Political Consultant

    • Lobbyist 

Enneagram 8: The Challenger

Qualities: Assertive, argumentative, passionate, energetic, independent, self-confident, decisive, confrontational


    • Speech writer

    • Media strategist

    • Opposition research

    • Media personality

Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker

Qualities: Calm, collected, receptive, reassuring, complacent, agreeable, easygoing


    • Lobbyist

    • Volunteer coordinator

Caroline C.
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