Every year Valentine’s Day rolls around on February 14th and for the entire month before that the stores are inundated with Valentine’s themed merchandise–flowers and cards and teddy bears and so much candy. But that’s rarely seen as enough of a gift for a significant other, is it? Society tells you you need to buy them jewelry or a new watch or something expensive they can show off on Instagram with some saccharine comment about how in love you are. We live in a very material world, there’s no denying that, but so many people are resolving in 2020 to have less material things, and I think that can start with the holidays. 

You can also read more about how experiences benefit your happiness more than objects do here. 

Here are ten ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that are experiences rather than material objects. 

Tickets to a concert

Buy tickets to a concert you’ll be able to enjoy together. You can splurge on last minute ones or let the anticipation build by buying tickets for a big show further down the road. Pick an artist you both enjoy and make a whole night of it. Really focus on being present in the moment and with each other. 

Amusement park or zoo passes

If you’ve got a local attraction like a zoo or amusement park, consider purchasing passes (or just one-day tickets) and spending some quality time together having fun. Take lots of pictures, talk to each other, and enjoy the environment. It’s fun to just be young and free sometimes. 

Couples cooking classes

Like food? Like each other? Consider booking a couples cooking class where you can prepare a dish together, spend a little time flirting over a stove, and come away with a great experience to talk about or try and duplicate at home. 

A Milk Bar cake class

If you don’t love cooking, what about baking, or simply eatingbaked goods? Milk Bar has classes in DC, NYC, and LA that let you build your own cake, and eat it too. This is great for people who aren’t skilled in the kitchen but still love a treat. If you aren’t near a Milk Bar, a bakery near you may offer something similar. 

A drink subscription box

I discovered this through a friend, but this is a great gift that keeps giving. You order a drink subscription box, like Shaker and Spoon, buy a bottle of alcohol, and have go-to gatherings for months to come. This is a great way to spend an evening as a couple or with friends and try new cocktails. This is only sort-of “object” driven because ideally you’re drinking what comes in the box!

A brewery or vineyard tour

Get out of the house and into a beautiful winery or brewery near you. Try some new drinks, learn about the process, and spend some quality time together. This is also a great way to discover a local attraction near you and support your local economy

A massage

Everyone needs to relieve some stress, right? Book your SO a massage, or get a couples massage. It’s a great gift and if you give a gift card for one, it can be redeemed whenever the mood strikes or when it is needed most! Check Groupon for great deals near you. 

Plan an outdoors trip

I’m not the outdoorsy type, but I’ve been told people actually like being outside. February is rarely prime Outdoor Time in most states, but why not give the gift of a future outdoor adventure ,like a planned hike or canoeing trip? You know your SO best, so plan according to their interests, but it’s a great way to get excited for the warmer months to come, or you could buy into the cold weather and hit the ski slopes. 

AMC A-List (or another movie pass)

I love going to the movies! Give the gift of a movie pass (I use AMC A-List, but other retailers have their own) so that you can see movies all year long. It’s a great “default date night” for couples who don’t want to have to plan things too far in advance. Buy a one year subscription up front and let them use it as they please ,or you can plan to see certain films together. 

Tickets to a touring show

Whether you’re both into theatre or you just like trying something new, try getting tickets to a big name production touring near you. You can keep track of upcoming shows on sites like Today Tix or Broadway.org. Some popular shows touring around the country this year include Anastasia, Wicked, Frozen, Hamilton, Mean Girls, Jersey Boys, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member