Of course you can find beauty advice anywhere; TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are never wanting for influencers and everyday strangers who are eager to share their newest obsessions and beauty routines. But at the end of the day, no matter the personas of those “influencers,” has a single one of them ever checked in on how your week is going, helped you get through an extra tough day, or just called to hear how you’re doing? Our Moms do. You don’t ever have to question if she’s just trying to earn a new sponsorship or if she genuinely is looking out for you. Her advice may at times be raw, but it’s always in your best interest to listen—for goodness’ sake, she potty-trained you.

Because our Moms will always give us our earliest and most applicable beauty advice, I asked an array of women to share the best advice they received from their ultimate beauty guru/life coach. Snappy, sappy, or undeniably tried-and-true, these are the beauty tips you do not want to miss.

  • “My mom was never a fan of me changing my physical appearance because she always preached that I was made in the eyes of God; however, once I started playing with makeup she explained that ‘less is more’ to focus on bringing attention to my best features. Above all, she has always told me that no matter what decisions I have to make or goals I want to achieve, to have faith in the outcome and ‘be you bravely.’” – Allie, PA

  • “I was told to change your pillowcases often because this helps with keeping your skin clear, as the oils from your hair would go on the pillow.”Jordan, VA

  • “My Mom taught me: ‘If you’re stressed remember to pull up on your face, not down. 30+ year old you will thank you.’”Felisha, TX

  • “When I was starting middle school I wanted to start wearing makeup. My mom told me that makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty and to not cake your face in makeup when applying it. I never went through a blue eyeshadow phase because of her.” – Georgia, CO

  • “My mom always taught me to leave a pack of makeup wipes on my bedside table. If I come in late at night and don’t feel like going through my entire face-washing routine, I can at least get my makeup off. I know they’re not the best for you in the long run but they’re great in a pinch!” – Jillian, VA

  • “My mom used to have Mary Kay parties and I’ll never forget going as a 7 year old and being told ‘less is more.’ It’s something that I carry with me today in regards to my style, makeup, and so much more! My mom also has always encouraged me to be myself in regards with my unique style which I love.”Hannah, KS

  • “My mom always told me that, with make-up, less is more! She encouraged me to use make-up to complement my features instead of hiding or altering them.” – Liana, NJ

  • “My mom taught me to define my own success and not let my self worth rest in someone else’s hands. She always tells me how proud she is of me and how love I am, which has done wonders in building my self confidence.” – Amelia, FL

  • “The best ‘beauty’ advice I received from my mother is to always smile. Since I was a toddler, she has reiterated the importance of smiling in relation to being confident, and I think that has made a huge difference on my attitude to this day.” – Olivia, PA

  • “My mom always told me never to waste my money on anti aging creams. She swears that the best thing I could do to prevent wrinkles is use sunscreen year round!” – Kalasia, MA

  • “My mom always told me that you can be the prettiest person in the room, but if you have an ugly heart then none of that matters. Outward beauty is lovely but your inner beauty is what’s most important (1 Peter 3:5-7).” – Anna, VA

  • “My mom emphasized that less is more and that a natural make up look was something to behold. She has taught me that make is only meant to enhance beauty, not create beauty. And as a shoutout to my beautiful grandmother, my Mema has always gotten on us about sunscreen and protecting our skin.” – Caroline, NC

  • “My mom always told my sister and I, ‘A smile is what people will remember most about you’ and it really instilled in me to be confident and spread positivity to others.”Laynee, TN

  • “My mom taught me to give what you can even when you’re in need yourself. She taught me that there is nothing more selfless or beautiful than being a blessing to others in our own misfortune.”Brenecke, DC

  • “The best advise my mom has given me is to just be me and not try to be anyone else. After I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years in college, she told me to look at what I learned, good and bad, and apply that to my life as it would empower me to make better choices in the future.” – Kallie, TX

Here’s to the most beautiful women, inside and out. Thank you, Moms!

Lucy H

Lucy Hutchinson is a proud Pennsylvanian. Her life goals include riding a bison, becoming a physician, visiting all seven continents, and retiring as an old beekeeper. She spends a majority of her time studying, reading, or worrying about not studying or reading. Amidst that worrying, you’re likely to find her gushing about Jane Austen, Israel, sun protection, agriculture, and GMOs.