Christmas is the best time of the year to spend a little extra time with your significant other. Pick a handful of these dates and enjoy the extra time in each other’s company. 

Hot Cocoa Bar

Grab some candy canes, marshmallows and whatever else you like in your hot cocoa and set up a hot cocoa bar in the kitchen. Try each other’s experiments and find the best combinations! 

Drive Around Neighborhoods Looking At Christmas Lights

Fill up a thermos with hot cocoa or apple cider and drive around town looking for the houses with the best Christmas decorations (some neighborhoods even have websites where you can find the addresses for the most decked out  homes). Bonus points if you have your local Christmas radio station playing. 

Go Sledding or Tubing

Find a sledding or tubing hill in your area and make a day of it. Take your time driving into the mountains and enjoying the snow, grab some hot cocoa in the lodge before hitting the hill, then on your way home, find a cool, local eatery for some dinner in the mountains. 

Go Caroling

Grab your honey and a few friends and head to a local hospital or nursing home to spread some Christmas cheer. 

Go See The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol

Find a local theatre performing The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, or another Christmas show and make an evening of it. Get all dolled up and enjoy the live theatre. 

Zoolights or Another Local Christmas Light Display

Lots of zoos, botanical gardens, churches, etc host giant Christmas light displays at this time of year. Find one that looks cool and bundle up! 

Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Grab some graham crackers and frosting, a gingerbread kit, or get really fancy and bake your own gingerbread. Have friends or family decide who the winner is. 

Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

Grab some blankets and put on your coziest Christmas Pajamas and settle in for a Christmas movie marathon. 

Take Christmas Photos Together

Get dressed up in coordinating outfits and bring a tripod, or a photographer friend, for a Christmas photoshoot. Then gather all your friends and family’s addresses and send them an old school Christmas card! 

Decorate A Tree Together

If you haven’t already decorated your tree, grab your love and do it together! Whether you’re into real or fake trees, tinsel and colored lights or classy, Pinterest-inspired looks, you’ll have a great time making your house look like Santa’s Workshop. 

Go Ice Skating 

At this time of year it isn’t too hard to find a skating rink! Find a popular one and lace up your skates. Falling is part of the fun! (Bonus: my local skating rink has a grilled cheese stand next to it. See what sorts of restaurants are available 

Create A New Tradition

Pick anything on this list, or anything else that sounds fun, and make it a yearly tradition! 

Splurge On A Fancy Dinner

Pick a restaurant you’ve wanted to try forever, save up, and splurge on an evening at a fondue restaurant, hibachi grill or fancy steakhouse. Dress to the nines, take pictures, and enjoy delicious food together. 

Rent A Cabin For The Weekend

If you really want to splurge, rent a cabin for a weekend getaway. Bonus points if it’s in the mountains. Double bonus points if it has a fireplace. 

Which ones will you and your boo be trying out? 

Georgia G

Georgia Gallagher graduated from the University of Alabama in the summer of 2019 where she majored in Journalism and Political Science. She is currently working as a Cast Member at  Walt Disney World in Florida. In her free time she can be found advocating for pro-life policies and working with single or low-income mothers. She often says that her planner is second only to her Bible and she’s never caught without a cup of coffee in her hand.