It’s easy to complain about the lack of gentlemen in today’s culture, but the lack of ladies is also alarming. It’s important for ladies to be confident, classy, etiquette-following females who are ready to take on this cruel world.

Dressing appropriately

Whether it’s correct business attire or a wedding dress code, it’s important for your outfit to be appropriate for your office or the event you are attending. Fashion can be so drastically different and fun to experiment with, but save experimentations for a night out. This includes appropriate makeup. The office probably isn’t the best destination for lime green eye-shadow.

Practicing manners

Yes ma’am, no sir, please, and thank you go a long way in all aspects of life. Using manners will make others respect you and enjoy speaking with you.

Only giving sincere compliments

Everyone loves drunk girls in bar bathrooms who compliment everyone, but there’s no reason to act like this during day-to-day life. Giving insincere compliments can make you seem fake and rude.

Using tasteful words

Like manners, using tasteful words will make others respect you and make you a good conversationalist. 

Sending thank you cards and RSVPs

Send these in a timely manner. There’s nothing worse than hosting an event and not knowing how many people to plan for. Thank you cards should be sent to gift givers, party attendees, and hostesses.

Giving hostess gifts

Hosting, although fun, can be exhausting. It’s important to make the hostess feel as if her hard work has paid off. 

Contributing to group meals

Many events today have meals provided by those who attend. Make sure you contribute to the spread before filling your plate.

Arriving on time

Whether you’re arriving alone or with a group, make sure you leave with plenty of time to run any errands and get to the event at the appropriate time.

Taking care of the house and cooking

Whether you live with your significant other or your best friend, it’s important to do your part to make the space livable. Cook for your friends and family and keep your space clean. Cleaning will eliminate some stress and no one will turn down a home cooked meal.

Building up men

Ladies, rest assured, there are still some amazing men out there and it’s our job to build them up. Let them know they’re working hard, make them their favorite food, and make sure they know that we don’t think the entire gender is “trash.”

Whitney E

Whitney is a senior majoring in communication at Mississippi State University. When she's not preparing for law school, you can find her online shopping or planning a trip to Disney World. She loves Ronald Reagan, traveling, and all things preppy.