Life happens, and it’s not always easy to afford healthy eating. Still, there are always ways to assuage our stress about what we’re eating and when. Here are seven healthy and most importantly, budget-friendly, foods we can fit into our weekly diets and busy lives. They can be factored into nearly any budget, added to other meals for more flavor, and give us the power to sustain what we love doing each day. 


This fruit is the classic go-to for a nice breakfast on-the-go or a pre or post-workout snack. Bananas can be added to pretty much any meal at any hour of the day, making this a staple on my list. Bananas also have a lot of potassium, which is especially important because most Americans do not get enough each day. 

Peanut butter

If you know me, you know I could eat a jar of peanut butter in one sitting. This amazing food is great for its healthy fats (we do not get enough fat, either, contrary to every fad diet out there) and perfect amount of protein. Add peanut butter to any of your meals or snacks and you will feel fuller longer so you can take on the day.

Frozen fruit

Fruit is so much more expensive if purchased fresh. It also can go bad much quicker. Buy in bulk from the frozen section to avoid these two setbacks. Particularly, frozen blueberries are great because they have so much antioxidants. 

Greek Yogurt

Plain yogurt should be highly prioritized for everyone! Yogurt provides an awesome amount of probiotics and a golden ratio of macro-nutrients- that is, perfect proportions of fats, carbs, and protein. Not to mention, fruit and bananas are excellent and easy to add in. Usually, you can find cheap yogurts on sale and conveniently carry them in your purse. 


Oatmeal may not be the most convenient to make when you’re trekking around Capitol Hill, but it certainly provides bang for your buck. Oatmeal is easy to make at the start of your day, low in saturated fat, super filling, and can be dressed up in various ways. 

Protein bars

This is my favorite on the list. Protein bars are not only tasty, but they provide another golden ratio of macronutrients. They can be stored in your purse or backpack, and are convenient for pre or post-workout. Buying bars in bulk is the best way to go. Definitely do not skip on getting your daily protein. 

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Everyone knows they should always be eating enough green on their plates. Large packs of spinach are typically reasonably priced and give us so much nutrients for so little calories. Salad bars on campuses make it really easy to decorate a to-go salad with a handful of healthy nuts. Additionally, adding some frozen berries on top can make your salads more bearable. 

Eating healthy can be hard, but financing it can be even more challenging. Some of these are more convenient than others, but we need to prioritize ourselves and realize that self-care is caring about others; it’s being able to present the best you. That is why I hope for us to take care of our bodies and adopt some of these budget-friendly foods to eat daily!  

Kelly H