The first day of a new month offers a fresh start and a new chance at success. But are you doing everything you should be to start each new month off on the right foot? Here are 12 things you should be doing at the beginning of every month.

Change Your Sponge

Even if you’ve kept up with cleaning your sponge throughout the month, it’s filthy and filled with bacteria by now. Toss it and grab a new one! 

Change Your Toothbrush

Just like sponges, these things grow bacteria like crazy. If you have a hard time remembering how long it’s been since you last tossed your toothbrush, make the first day of the month the day to grab a brand new one. 

Change Your Razor(head)

It’s dull by now anyway. Head to the grocery store and pick up a new razor. Or schedule your razor subscription to ship a little early! 

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

This is something a lot of women are guilty of forgetting about for multiple months on end. Your makeup brushes are making contact with your skin every single day, and getting dirtier and dirtier. Especially if you struggle with acne, or other skin problems, you need to be washing your makeup brushes regularly.

Wash Your Sheets and All Bedding

Most of us are probably doing this a few times a month already, but penciling it in for the first day of every month is a great reminder that it’s probably time to switch the sheets out again. 

Wash Your Car (Inside and Out)

I’m guilty of going several months in a row without washing my car, but those long commutes will feel so much better knowing that your car is clean, tidy and organized. 

Schedule All Appointments For The Month

Whether you need to set up an appointment with your doctor, dentist, clients for work, or your manager, get everything scheduled on the first of the month.

Clean Your Bathroom From Top To Bottom 

Obviously, you should be wiping down surfaces and scrubbing your toilet more than once a month, but the first day of the month is a great time to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. 

Reassess Your Monthly Budget

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, but take a look at areas where you went over your budget (or under your budget) during the previous month and reassess. 

Pay Bills In Advance (or set up autopay)

If you don’t already have autopay set up for all of your bills, now’s the time. If you have a bill that doesn’t take autopay, get it out of the way on the first day of the month, so that you aren’t accidentally late on a payment.

Sort Through Emails, Paper Mail, Files, etc. 

Get that inbox down to zero before the month gets going and your inbox fills back up! Sorting through all your emails, paper mail, and files before the month gets busy again will help you feel more organized throughout the month. 

Check Expiration Dates

Last but not least, on the first day of the month you should sort through your fridge and pantry and throw out anything that’s expiring, as well as use up anything that will expire within the next few days or weeks. 

Georgia G

Georgia Gallagher graduated from the University of Alabama in the summer of 2019 where she majored in Journalism and Political Science. She is currently working as a Cast Member at  Walt Disney World in Florida. In her free time she can be found advocating for pro-life policies and working with single or low-income mothers. She often says that her planner is second only to her Bible and she’s never caught without a cup of coffee in her hand.