There are always a few people on my list when shopping for Christmas gifts that are just hard to shop for. Here are 10 ideas for either stocking stuffers or small gifts that are applicable for everyone! 


I think books are a perfect idea for a gift because you can get people books that specifically match their interests and personality. There’s obviously also an abundant number of genres and authors to choose from. 

Apple and/or Spotify Gift Card

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Whether the person you are shopping for listens to either Spotify or Apple Music, a gift card that will cover the subscription costs for a couple of months is a great gift. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Who doesn’t love a good water bottle? A nice quality water bottle is not only good for the environment, but something people can use daily and on the go. My favorite brands include Yeti, Hydroflask, and Brumate. 


Although a lot of communication has turned digital now, it never hurts to give someone a personalized set of stationary as a gift. I know so many people that love sending and receiving handwritten mail as well. 

Portable charger 

One of my favorite and most used gifts I have received has been a portable charger. There are also some that are made that combine a USB port with an outlet port for easy charging. 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate Packs

A nice gift to give is the perfect hot drink for winter. You could also make the mixes for each drink in a larger quantity for multiple people too!


This is a basic, but very useful gift. Getting someone a pair of nice quality, yet fun socks is something the receiver is sure to cherish. 

Gum and Mints

These are items I feel like people always forget to buy, and I think they would make a great gift. 

New Year Calendar

What better way to start off the new year than with a calendar or planner for the new year!

Poo Pouri Toilet Spray

This is a little bit of a gag gift, but I still think can come in hand. A plus to this spray is that it is a travel size bottle, ready to be taken anywhere.

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Ivey Y