In another life, Leslie Knope was an FFL girl. She is an avid politico, wears cute outfits, and is passionate about government. Leslie is the well-known and often-quoted protagonist of Parks and Recreation. We are probably used to being compared to her, as we impress with our pretty heels and principles around DC, but Leslie has some impressive characteristics of her own that we can all learn from. Here is how to be more like Leslie both in personality and dress – boldly herself, radiating with confidence, and rocking simplicity and routine.

She rocks her simple outfits and makes them sparkle

Leslie is known for her basic, professional looks with signature pieces. She is renowned for her love for her job, but most of all, serving her country in political office. Her outfits must match such determination! For example, she is often seen sporting simple black footwear or sneakers for more casual events. She wears properly fitting clothing, not unnecessarily tight clothing, but modest and respectful. She likes plain blazers typically in neutral colors with floral and polka dots blouses. From the moment the show introduces Leslie, you know who she is. It always shines through.

She is super unashamedly herself

As she progresses in her career throughout the show, she adds some flare to her looks to represent a new job or promotion- or a greater population literally as a representative! Leslie represents what us conservative women often want- making changes in government, loving every step of the way, and following passion from a regular, small-town government office to running for office. She gains respect and compliments by her hard work, not her attention-grabbing outfits. Leslie doesn’t wear ridiculous makeup. In fact, she is the example of classy and low-key femininity, gives much effort to special occasions, and is not afraid to dress down and get dirty, for example, as seen during a certain episode where she runs the Pawnee community cleanup. 

She is dressed in confidence

What is an empowered woman without her confidence? Leslie is, of course, known first and foremost for her hilarious comedy. Those witty comebacks are spoken from her confident style. Conservative college women have been tested time and again. We know our principles and how to defend them in classrooms. We are often the unpopular opinion and only ones who speak up about them. In other words, we’ve developed thick skin. Leslie is able to take a similar approach. She has a sense of humor all her own and is not afraid to show it; when there is a problem, she voices her opinion and oftentimes, emotion shows. If we are truly on fire for conservatism and the work we do, our confidence will radiate through all aspects of ourselves. Whatever we choose to wear, it will always be in good style. 

Overall, Leslie Knope is the epitome of what I want to be. She is insanely dedicated to her job. She makes changes as it pertains to bettering the community. Leslie is hilariously herself and wonderfully confident. Though us FFL girls are properly compared more so to the famous Ron Swanson and his staunch and unwavering libertarianism, learning from Leslie also has its benefits. We could all take lessons from being more like this girl boss who literally runs the show, always smiling about her love for politics, making a difference, and bettering herself!  

Kelly H