Rush week for sorority recruitment can be one of the stressful yet exciting weeks of your college career. The famous “#bamarush” has taken over mine and probably many others’ For You Pages, so if you have any idea of what rush week is about, it can get very nerve-wracking trying to get the perfect outfits together. Here is some advice and inspiration for your rush-week experience. 

Round One/ Open House Round

This is the most casual of all of the rounds. For my rush week personally, round one was virtual so all I had to do was watch an introduction video for each chapter. If yours happens to be in-person, dress like you would to a day party. This includes a pair of nice shorts, a skirt/skort with a blouse. You may be given a shirt to wear for this round too, so try to find out what the shirt color is so you can match your bottoms to it best. For this round, it is best to wear sandals. 

Round Two/ Philanthropy Round

The next round gets a little less casual, but not 100% fancy just yet. My inspiration for this round is what you would wear out shopping or to a causal dinner. You can still opt for a skirt and blouse combination or dress it up with a nice romper or sundress. This round is still great to wear sandals, they could even have a small platform to them. Traditionally, Rounds 1 and 2 is when you will be visiting the most houses, so try to keep a comfortable shoe choice in mind. 

Round Three/ Sisterhood Round

Round three is the round where you begin to just wear dresses. For round three, think of what you would wear to church or to a fancy event. In this round, I liked to rely on ruffles and cute detailing in the dress to help it stand out. Because this is a more formal round, start wearing shoes such as platform sandals, wedges, or small heels. 

Round 4/ Preferential Round 

Preferential round is the most formal of all the rounds. My university suggested a cocktail dress to wear, but it honestly can mean just any type of formal attire. You can also opt for a maxi dress or formal jumpsuit to wear. I would stay away from homecoming or prom style dresses. 

For this round, think of what you would wear for a wedding. Pair your dress with a pair of heels. Don’t worry about if it’ll be too much to wear for the whole day because you will be visiting a maximum of 2-3 houses this round. 


You want to wear clothes that fit your personality and what makes you the most confident. For example, if you hate wearing purple dresses, don’t wear a purple dress! When going to each house you want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. On that note, pair your outfits with statement jewelry to help you stand out (it makes a great conversation topic too!). No matter what you decide to wear, it won’t matter in the end because you’ll end up in a house that values you for only you, not an expensive outfit and well-done hair and makeup. 

Ivey Y