Between Instagram, Twitter, and the plethora of addictive games available with the click of a button online, it is easy to spend countless hours of your day staring at a screen. However, thanks to the growing number of apps dedicated to helping people increase their productivity, not all of your time spent online is a waste. Check out the list below to discover apps that will help you stay organized, healthy, and happy:


This app creates a unique nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs, whether you would like to maintain your current weight, lose weight by a certain date, or live a healthier lifestyle in general. It not only allows you to track your calorie intake for the day, but also analyzes the nutritional makeup of the foods you are consuming. The majority of these services are free, but MyFitnessPal does offer a premium program for a small fee.

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock

This app allows you to maximize the impact of the sleep you get every night. By analyzing your sleep patterns, the alarm will wake you during your least intensive sleep cycle, which will then leave you feeling refreshed and energized in the morning. The app also produces a report with your unique sleep habits, so you can modify your sleep schedule and/or environment if necessary.


This app helps you tackle the distractions that keep you from completing your work. It designs a specialized playlist for all users, based on the task they need to complete and the music they enjoy.


This app is a necessity for anyone seeking to form or continue a beneficial habit. It takes the concept of a to-do list to another level by encouraging and rewarding you to keep your “streak” and complete a desired activity. It is available on the App Store for $4.99.


This is another app dedicated to organizing your to-do list. After downloading the app (basic plans are free), all you need to do is list the tasks you need to complete, and then ToDoist will take care of the rest! From organizing your tasks into categories to reminding you of deadlines, this app will certainly keep you (and your co-workers) on track.

Happy downloading!

Madison S