Politicos discuss military spending and defense policy so often that it can be easy to forget how we can support our soldiers through means other than legislation. From sending care packages to participating in letter writing campaigns, you have the potential to brighten the days of our heroes serving overseas. Here are five things you can do, today, to show your appreciation for the military:

Write a letter.

Even if you do not personally know anyone serving overseas, many organizations facilitate the delivery of letters from Americans to anonymous soldiers around the globe. These groups each have specific instructions for writing and addressing the letter, which can be found on their websites. Check out Operation Gratitude, A Million Thanks, and Soldiers’ Angels.

Send coupons to troops overseas.

It is very difficult for soldiers overseas to access coupons. Through the “Troopon” program, you can send both valid and expired coupons to the listed address and make a major difference for a solider or military family.

Use Amazon Smile when shopping.

When you want to shop on Amazon Smile, a percentage of your purchase will then be donated to a charity of your choice. You can pick an organization that supports our soldiers or their families.

Donate to the USO.

Through the USO, you can send a variety of items or services, like phone calls home or a long distance bedtime story, to members of our military. The organization sets a flat rate for each of these services.

Send a care package.

If you love getting a surprise in the mail, imagine how much someone who is thousands of miles away from home enjoys receiving one. Making a care package may seem like a daunting task, but there is much information available online to help you. Read this article for content ideas, and this one for a list of organizations that will ensure your care package reaches a soldier who needs it.

If you are searching for even more ways to support our military, this guide shares a plethora of ideas.

Thank you for your support!

Madison S