It should come as a shock to no one that college campuses can be hostile to conservative students. Whether it is from other students or professors, hardly any conservative student feels like they’re in the majority on campus. Here are some of the most egregious cases of bias against conservatives on caompus. 

“Iowa State Professor Threatens to “Dismiss” Pro-Life, Conservative Students From Her Class”

YAF obtained a syllabus from Iowa State Professor, Chloe Clark, and the syllabus said this: “GIANT WARNING: any instances of othering that you participate in intentionally (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, sorophobia, transphobia, classism, mocking of mental health issues, body shaming, etc) in class are grounds for dismissal from the classroom. The same goes for any papers/projects: you cannot choose any topic that takes at its base that one side doesn’t deserve the same basic human rights as you do (ie: no arguments against gay marriage, abortion, Black Lives Matter, etc). I take this seriously.”

Iowa State University did issue a statement when YAF requested one and said the following: 

“The syllabus statement as written was inconsistent with the university’s standards and its commitment to the First Amendment rights of students.  After reviewing this issue with the faculty member, the syllabus has been corrected to ensure it is consistent with university policy.  Moreover, the faculty member is being provided additional information regarding the First Amendment policies of the university. 

Iowa State is firmly committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of its students, faculty, and staff. With respect to student expression in the classroom, including the completion of assignments, the university does not take disciplinary action against students based on the content or viewpoints expressed in their speech.”

“LSU prof pledges to ‘drop’ students who engage in ‘hate speech'”

Louisiana State University professor, Alyssa Johnson, responded to the university’s official tweet stating that they can’t take action against student’s simply because they disagree with their speech by stating: “If @LSU won’t take action, we as professors can. Keeping a list of names and if I see them enrolled in my course, I will drop them. It’s not just free speech, it’s hate speech and it’s a threat to student safety. #safespace #BlackLivesMatter”

A fellow professor in her department William T. Doerrler responded to her tweet by saying “Thank you!! If he enrolls in my class I’ll drop him too!”

“Rutgers prof: ‘F*ck each and every Trump supporter””

Rutgers University professor took to Twitter saying the following:

“I feel like most Black people are clear that this utterly absurd to push [sic] to re-open the country is all about a gross necropolitical calculation that it is Black people who are dying disproportionately from COVID. Not only do white conservatives not care about Black life, but my most cynical negative read of the white supremacists among them is that they welcome this massive winnowing of Black folks in order to slow demographic shifts and shore up political power.” She followed this by saying “They are literally willing to die from this clusterf*cked COVID response rather than admit that absolutely anybody other than him would have been a better president. And when whiteness has a death wish, we are all in for a serious problem.” She continued the thread saying “I am saying some obvious things this morning because as a country we are too good to be skipping over the audience and we might as well say this to the people as often as we can. F*ck each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame.”

“Prof says he’ll ‘stomp’ and ‘beat’ students ‘within an inch of your life,’ denies making a threat”

Ricky Jones, professor at the University of Louisville, went onto his podcast “The Ricky Jones Show” to address an incident in which a student passed out a Christian pamphlet from Living Waters Publications in an LGBT Studies class. Jone said on his podcast: come to one of my classes with that. I will drag your (behind) into my class, me and my 50-some-odd students will stomp you, beat you within an inch of your life, then drag you out of the room and deny that we did it.”

He denies threatening anybody. The excerpt from his show can be heard in the link above.

“Trump-supporting student says Columbia prof told him to ‘drop dead'”

A Columbia University student had a professor tell him to drop dead on Facebook. It all started over a political cartoon. The two were in a disagreement when the professor said: “woah – are you claiming Trump didn’t lie and cover up? You’re claiming Pelosi ended some policies of Trump as opposed to ripping up his racist bullshit speech? And you don’t know how he’s cashing in on the presidency? Why don’t you just drop dead, you neo-nazi enabler”

This is barely scratching the surface and just five examples of hundreds of thousands. Ask any conservative what their experience on a college campus has been. I guarantee they might have a story similar to the ones above. 

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