Shopping for college students can be hard, especially when it comes to finding things that will be useful and things that won’t. Here is a list of practical gifts for young women in college that they are sure to love! 

Personalized College Jacket 

This is the perfect gift for any college student. Gift them with a shirt or jacket personalized with their school, sorority, or organization. 

Food Gift Cards

College students love nothing more than food. Find out what restaurants are on campus or which ones are their favorite and get them a gift card to that place. They will be so thankful for it.

Tennis Shoes 

College students love getting new shoes to wear to class, around campus, or the gym. These are also a staple to a lot of outfits.

Keurig Coffee Maker

What I love about the Keurig machine is that it makes just a singular cup of coffee, which is great for college students who do not drink more than one cup at once. Plus, the machines come in a variety of colors to match every girl’s room.

Back Cushion with Armrests 

One of the most useful things I use when studying late at night, but do not feel like sitting at my desk, is this seat cushion. It is very comfortable when sitting upright for a long period of time too. 

Apple Airpods

As a student who loves listening to music, my AirPods are used on a daily basis. They are perfect for walking to and from class, working out, and studying.

Nice Quality Slippers 

These slippers are perfect for college students currently living in a dorm. Why walk around on the cold dorm floor, than use these comfy and cozy slippers? 

Productivity Notes

For students with a busy schedule, this stack of daily planners is perfect for a student to map out their day and be more productive. 

Professional Purse

As a college student, we are always focusing on career preparation; this includes jobs, internships, and everything in-between. A nice purse or cross body is sure to be useful for now and the years to come. 

Portable Speaker

This portable speaker for JBL is perfect for a student to bring along with them on the go, either to study outside or to social events. It also doesn’t break the bank either.

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Ivey Y