I was recently gifted an iPad and I have loved using it for a wide variety of activities from productivity to streaming my favorite shows. These five apps are ones that I couldn’t live without and work especially well for the iPad interface.


When researching note-taking apps, I have seen that people enjoy both Notability and Goodnotes. I chose to download Notability and have not looked back. I use Notability to take notes for my classes, make to-do lists, and categorize documents into folders.


The Kindle app is especially great for the iPad over the iPhone because of the larger screen. The Kindle app gives you direct access to your entire library. It’s perfect for anyone looking to read on the go.


Procreate easily became one of my favorite apps after downloading. The app is extremely expansive in what you can create and I am definitely no master. If you were overwhelmed like I was after downloading this app, there are a lot of YouTube tutorials out there if you are looking to use the app for something specific. Since I am no artist, I like to use Procreate for practicing calligraphy.

Streaming services

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other streaming services work well on the larger screen of the iPad. In addition, you can still use your phone without leaving your favorite show when watching on an iPad.


Libby allows you to electronically borrow books from libraries with a library card. This cuts out the need of going to the library to pick up a book when you can instantly view it on your iPad.

Happy downloading! Drop any other must have iPad apps in the FFL Network.