The world is still turning and with COVID-19 on the top of our minds, it can be hard to stay informed on what is happening around the world. Here are 6 news stories you may have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Utah’s big earthquake: Buildings damaged, but no major injuries, as state braces for days of aftershocks”

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake has hit Magna, Utah early morning on Wednesday, March 18, but people could feel the shakes from Salt Lake to Logan. There were no fatalities but there is structural damage around certain areas. 

“Saudi Arabia detains senior members of its royal family”

Several Saudi royal family members have been arrested because they have been seen as threats to the rule of the current Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. This is nothing new from the current Crown Prince as he has ruled with an iron first and detained Saudi royals before.

“Turkey and Russia announce ceasefire in northwest Syria”

Huge news coming out for Idlib, Syria which has been a place of great contention for Turkey and Russia. This ceasefire comes after an agreement was made to have a security corridor with joint patrol. Russia has stood behind Syria but Turkey has been very concerned with the welfare of Syrians in the region. 

“Armed gang steals $15m in Chilean airport robbery”

10 gang members who were armed stole at least $15 million in cash from the Chilean airport. These sneaks went out to the cargo area and secured a van. The members disguised themselves as employees and got away with the loot. This isn’t the first time the airport has been robbed. The airport was also the subject of a robbery in 2014 when $10 million was stolen.

“Mexico imagines a world without women, in strike against gender violence”

Women in Mexico came together on March 9 to show what a world without women would be like. This was to protest the ongoing femicide the country has been experiencing for quite some time but escalating within the past year.

“Japanese man who killed 19 at disabled facility sentenced to death”

Ten men and nine women, age ranges from 18-70, were killed in 2016 by Satoshi Uematsu at a care home for the disabled. Twenty-six others were injured during this stabbing spree. Uematsu turned himself into the police an hour after the attack.

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