She was often seen wearing structured shift dresses in pastel colors. Dresses like these are still sold by Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, and similar stores still today. Jackie is often credited with launching the fame of Lilly Pulitzer’s brand. Lilly’s classic shift dress fit in perfectly with Jackie’s style. Here are 8 simple lessons that we can learn from observing her style.

Simple clothing pieces are timeless.

Basic colors and styles can be worn for years. These make excellent investment pieces because you will get enough use to justify the larger price tag.

Pearls go with anything.

Jackie could often be seen with a simple strand of pearls, creating a classy outfit that is often replicated today.

Natural makeup is perfect for any occasion.

Jackie rarely wore makeup that didn’t simply accentuate her natural features. Her natural makeup was beautiful and could be worn for any event.

Don’t stray away from patterned pieces.

Patterned clothing is a fun addition to any wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to throw on a patterned piece and stand out wherever the day takes you. 

Statement sunglasses add to any outfit.

Sunglasses are an excellent, easy statement piece for an outfit. They are both functional and fashionable.

Modest outfits can still be stylish.

It’s easy to view modest clothing as anything but stylish and trendy. Jackie proves that modest clothing pieces are far from boring.

Bows are for more than just hair.

This adorable bow belt is a perfect accent piece for Jackie’s typical shift dress. Kate Spade is a perfect place to find some clothing pieces and accessories that incorporate bows. 

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Choose a jacket that completes the outfit.

It’s easy to throw on your favorite outerwear piece just to keep warm, but a jacket that completes the look will make your outfit look more polished. 

Jackie’s style is so iconic that the pieces are frequently recreated today. It’s hard to walk through a mall without finding a piece that Jackie would wear. Apply these lessons to your own closet. You may find your new favorite outfit. 

Whitney E

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